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Crafty/sew-y people...(Updated w/ pic)

I saw a cute idea for a Go Texan Day t-shirt and, time permitting, may try to make something similar for my girls. It involved custom lettering with a zig-zag stitch around the edge of each letter for detail. But, upon closer inspection, it looks like the letters were applied with some kind of iron-on adhesive. I didn't get a close enough look to see whether the stitching went through the shirt (i.e. was applied over the letters once they were in place) or whether they may have been pre-stitched and then ironed-on.

I've used iron-on decorative fabric before but these were small-ish letter so I'm also wondering how to cut them out....by hand or using something like a Cricut?  Lastly, the selection of iron-on fabrics tends to be *very* limited....is there a way to make other fabric patterns adhere to a shirt w/o sewing? I've heard of "fusing" but don't know how it works...and whether it would work with cut-out letters, etc.



Teacher sent me a pic....not the best, as it's hard to see the stictchig detail around the letters and boot/star:


So how hard would this be?? Worth a try to make it, or better to buy ($10)?  I don't care about the cost, I like to try new projects, but don't want to take on something to complicated as I may not have time to finish by their March 9th rodeo day.


Re: Crafty/sew-y people...(Updated w/ pic)

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