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Crafty/sew-y people...(Updated w/ pic)

I saw a cute idea for a Go Texan Day t-shirt and, time permitting, may try to make something similar for my girls. It involved custom lettering with a zig-zag stitch around the edge of each letter for detail. But, upon closer inspection, it looks like the letters were applied with some kind of iron-on adhesive. I didn't get a close enough look to see whether the stitching went through the shirt (i.e. was applied over the letters once they were in place) or whether they may have been pre-stitched and then ironed-on.

I've used iron-on decorative fabric before but these were small-ish letter so I'm also wondering how to cut them out....by hand or using something like a Cricut?  Lastly, the selection of iron-on fabrics tends to be *very* limited....is there a way to make other fabric patterns adhere to a shirt w/o sewing? I've heard of "fusing" but don't know how it works...and whether it would work with cut-out letters, etc.



Teacher sent me a pic....not the best, as it's hard to see the stictchig detail around the letters and boot/star:


So how hard would this be?? Worth a try to make it, or better to buy ($10)?  I don't care about the cost, I like to try new projects, but don't want to take on something to complicated as I may not have time to finish by their March 9th rodeo day.


Re: Crafty/sew-y people...(Updated w/ pic)

  • Walmart and Hobby Lobby carry HeatnBond an iron adhesive that you can apply to any fabric.  I have cut out my designs attached the adhesive and ironed onto my project then used a zig-zag stich on my sewing machine to make it more decorative.

    GL..I have not tried fusing, but I'm sure there are great tutorials out on the web Smile


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  • When I think fusing I think of something like heat n bond. 

    Theres also fabri-tac, which is a great fabric adhesive.  

  • Or stitch witchery - all are different iterations of the same thing.  You peel off one layer of protective paper and iron to whatever fabric you want to cut your letters from then peel off the other side's layer of protective paper and iron your letter to the shirt.  It is pretty easy, sounds like the tedious part is going to be cutting out all of the small letters!
  • I use heat n bond lite for all my appliqu? type stuff. I cut everything by hand, iron to the shirt and then zig zag stitch over it. 

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  • Thank you! I'll check out these options at Michael's/JoAnn's.

    I added a pic t othe original post above. :)

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