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Anyone use BM kendall charcoal, amherst gray, or Chelsea gray?

I need some help with my little boys room.  

Picking out paint gives me stress. I want a dark gray but I don't want it to be a dungeon. It's for my little boy's room. 

I used stonington  gray for my daughters room and I want to go darker less blue for my son. 

This is his bedding

 Classic Camo Quilt & Sham



This bed

 Rusic Sun Valley Espresso

And I want to tie in orange, right now it's just sheets.

 Above his bed

We did something like this with antlers. 

And we have a white fur rug from ikea.  

I want a modern hunter safari feel.


Sorry this is just a random post.  

Re: Anyone use BM kendall charcoal, amherst gray, or Chelsea gray?

  • We have Chelsea Grey in our master bedroom, and I love it. We have lots of windows and white trim/plantation shutters, and I don't think it's too dark at all!
  • I haven't used any of them but I googled images of the Kendall charcoal and I think it is beautiful! I think it will look great with the bedding! But of course only you can tell how well it goes once you paint a sample swatch. 


  • Our nursery is Chelsea Grey and our bathroom is Amherst Grey. I love both of them! Both are a pretty warm grey. I had Stonington Grey in the nursery prior to painting it Chelsea and really like the warmer and richer grey.
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