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Coming Back after Pneumonia

I have been out of my usual workout regiment of crossfit and running for the past 6 weeks while battling pneumonia. My lung capacity has been seriously compromised and I am worried about getting back to the gym and overdoing it and getting sick all over again.

Does anyone have any advice on how to slowly build up my endurance before I jump back into Crossfit and running? I could really use the advice, not working out has been necessary but its killing me!

Re: Coming Back after Pneumonia

  • Have you been cleared by your doctor to start exercising? If not, talk to her first and get clearance. The last thingk you want is to get sick again.  In cycling they say it takes you 2 weeks to get back into the shape you were in for every week you were off. It may take you a few months to get back to where you were.

    For the first week to 10 days, I'd plan to start slowly. Maybe go for a few walks and then a few short, easy runs at "recovery pace" where you are not breathing hard. Maybe add in some yoga. After 10 days to 2 weeks add back in longer runs and at week 3, ramp up and add in speedwork. By week 4, you can begin normal training. It may take you several more weeks to feel "good." I've followed similar strategies after being laid up for 6-8 weeks for surgery based on the advice of coaches.

    I can't help with Crossfit, but I wouldn't jump back into it right away. 

  • In December, I had a bad cold with an ear infection and a fever that would not quit for about a week.  I was sick for another week after that.  It was the second most sick I'd ever been in my life.  I felt pretty similar to when I had pneumonia.  It hit me pretty hard and I certainly felt weakend by it.

    I was right in the middle of training for a half when this happened.  I started back very slowly and really made sure to really listen to my body.  I took it slow and easy and didn't try to push myself the distances on my plan.  Like the PP said, it took double the time off to get back to where I was.  Off for 2 weeks meant a month to get back to where I had been before I got sick. 

  • Thanks for the advice ladies. I will definately talk to my doctor about getting cleared I hadn't thought of that. I am definately worried about getting sick again and having pneumonia was AWFUL! I am going to hold off on signing up for any races or Crossfit comps anytime soon:(
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