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I made an honest manstake

Speaking of on-line dating....been emailing a woman the past few days.  We finally get to the point of wanting to meet, so I suggest meet for some cocktails over happy hour some night.  Well I forgot or didnt realize but her profile says "non-drinker".  She sends me back some long email about how could I suggest that when it clearly states she doesnt drink, and how her last 2 boyfriends never paid attention to her, etc.  I mean this woman came unglued/went off on me.  Here is the funny the end she sort of apologizes for venting and would still like to meet me.

Part of me feels like a bonehead for missing that, the other part is glad her crazy side came out now!! 

I dont need someone giving me the side-eye or nagging me everytime I feel like having a drink....that just doesnt work for me.

I really feel like just responding with some version of "Sorry to offend you, dont think we are a good match."   Or maybe I should meet her and get a better judge of her in person since I am the one that "made the manstake', because it seemed like we had a lot in common up until her meltdown.

What say you women of SO?



Re: I made an honest manstake

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