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Just want to know :)

I know it's a little weird of a question but how long does your husband usually last? I have only been with my husband. He usually lasts about 20-30 mins (including foreplay) longest was maybe 45 mins. My one friend said she had it for 2 hrs just was seeing if maybe there was something wrong with us.

Re: Just want to know :)

  • 2 hours? I would be exhausted, not to mention sore and probably mentally comprising my grocery list while I waited for him to finish. As long as you're satisfied there is no amount of time that it "should" last for.

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  • Are you talking about how long he can stay inside thrusting before he ejaculates, or how long his erection lasts before it goes soft?

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  • pretty much how long the erection can last - foreplay to the end lol

  • Oh, I thought you meant how long it takes him to go off.

    He stays hard after he shoots. So if that is how you time it, he can last a really really long time. 

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  • He varies between 10 minutes- 2 hours. Nothing wrong with it. Just variable.
  • 2 hours to me would not be good, It doesn't take us that long to get off, I'm pretty sure I'd lose interest if it lasted that long. Stop thinking there is something wrong with you!

    You are perfectly normal.   

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  • In my grad class for human sexuality (for marriage counseling) we learned that the average time for a man to orgasm...from beginning penetration to (shockingly) 1-6 minutes! Most men can prolong that with practice, like it sounds like your husband can, so that it's enjoyable for both of you...but some men have delayed ejaculation and need much much longer.  Your friend's husband may be choosing to have it last that long...though that would make me bored if it was every time...or he may need that long. 
    Your time of 20-30min from foreplay to finish is average :)

    I'd like to second what a PP long as you're both satisfied it doesn't matter how long it lasts.
  • Not counting foreplay, 10-20 minutes. I would never want it to last longer. I get sore really easily, no matter how much lube we use.
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  • I would say that you and your hubby are pretty normal.  My husband usually lasts about 20 minutes.

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