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What are your plans for Valentine's day?

We will likely go to dinner, it's really close to our anniversary so it will be low key. I'm still trying to think of something cute to do for him though. I like surprising him. One year I wrote song lyrics on our bathroom mirror that made me think of him in lipstick and other times I've made him little things.


What are you all doing? 

Re: What are your plans for Valentine's day?

  • We don't really do anything. Valentines day is way over-hyped for us. Flowers cost to much, restaurants that I would think to go to way over charge for their "select" menus. It's not really a big deal to us. I will probably get William some sort of heart with a few pieces of candy in it and call it a day haha..
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  • I'm going on a hawt lady date with my sister soul mate.  I think we're going to Buca and then to the movies to see The Vow.  We're going to get dressed up and buy each other presents, haha.  Should be a good time!  LOVE this holiday!!! 

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  • image guamibear:
    One year I wrote song lyrics on our bathroom mirror that made me think of him in lipstick and other times I've made him little things.

    Dude, so cute, that must have been a b!tch to clean though.  lol

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  • The lyrics on the mirror is really cute! With the little guy it's hard to get out much anymore, not that I would choose to go anywhere on Valentine's Day though. But usually we would go to Ruth's Chris for dinner the weekend before or after. This year we will probably just redbox a movie and make dinner for ourselves! haha.

    I DO really want to see The Vow though! Let us know how it is Tay...I'll probably have to wait until it comes out on Redbox unless they show it for a Parent Movie Morning at my local theater. :( I love me some Channing Tatum though.

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  • We're thinking about going to Los Sombreros in Scottsdale.  We love it and haven't been there in forever!
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  • I don't have any plans, but I'm hoping DH makes some (I hinted, haha), since this is our last V-day w/just the two of us.  Stinks that it's in the middle of the week though. 
  • Tayrusso- All it took was some windex. :)
  • DH and I normally don't do much.  I plan on getting up early and making a cute breakfast for him and DD.  I'm leaving work early to go see DD's class "party".  Honestly I'll probably make him a card and then have a nice dinner at home once DD goes down- pretty chill.  We're going to a wedding the following Saturday w/o DD so thatll be our "date" haha.
  • We don't usually do much.  We'll do dinner at home with Christian and tell him we love him a million times :)

     I think DH and I are planning something for the next weekend and I just saw that Kathy Griffin is going to be here on the 17th.  I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see her. 

  • We do not do much so we will probably buy a card and something little for each other.
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  • I going to watch DH play football. Stick out tongue We're not big into Valentine's but it was funny hearing about how the other wives were all really upset about it. 
  • we might go out to lunch before don goes to work but that's about it. i don't really care about valentine's day. i'm excited to bake something with dominic though
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  • I don't think we have any big plans really... It's usually not much different than any other day for us.  We probably will exchange cards, but I'm still debating on if I will even get him a gift this year.

    Since his birthday was today, he almost always gets really good birthday gifts, and not much for Valentine's. 


  • We are going to go out to dinner tomorrow since it is on Tuesday.  The on V-day I will probably make us a nice dinner and get eachother cards.  We usually make a BIG deal about Valentine's day so I need to come up with something for my boys.

    While I know it is a Hallmark holiday DH and I have always had fun celebrating it and taking an extra day to show eachother how much we mean to eachother.  While we do this all year long we make a bigger deal of it for V-day and our Anniversary. =)

  • Just cards on the actual day since I work first shift and DH works second shift.

    We do have a date afternoon planned the Saturday after V-day which should be fun. Nothing big.


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