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new pregnancy gifts?

Any good ideas for a gift(s) for a new friend that just told me she's expecting? I haven't had a baby yet so I wasn't sure - but I wanted to do something special for her! Thanks!
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Re: new pregnancy gifts?

  • It depends on what you want to spend and what your friend is into.  My first thought is generally a magazine subscription- Parenting, Fit Pregnancy, etc.  It's not something she may get herself, but it's got some decent info.  Hard candies, good lotion that doesn't smell, and if you want to spend the cash a little gift card for some place that sells maternity clothes. 
  • I'm assuming this just a little something to say, "Yay! I'm excited for you!" and that you would probably get something else much later for an actual shower.  I think PP was on the right track.  Something for the pregnancy vs. the baby.  Maybe a baby name book, some type of pregnancy book, etc.  Maybe even a gift card for her favorite place to grab a snack - like coffee, ice cream, whatever with some kind of note saying for your late night cravings.
  • A pint of ice cream and a jar of pickles!!  LOL 

    Gift card to a local maternity store would be nice.

    The Baby Bargains book might be good - it helps them decide what to put on their baby registry.

    But a card that says congrats would totally be enough.  None of my friends or family got me anything when I announced my pregnancy.  If you are good friends, you might offer to host a baby shower for her when the time comes.

  • My good friend got me the book the Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy...totally recommend it!
    They got DH a tube of Butt Paste and a pack of diapers.
    He couldn't believe there was such a thing. So funny.


  • Ok so my MAJOR push gift is going to be a tummy tuck and possibly a breast lift. I chose this gift myself and my husband completely backs me up. I would like my old body back and after two c-sections it's just not possible to get rid of some of the extras. I'll let you find out about the joy of a womans body afterwards. I'm not a vain person but since I am only 29 I would really like a bit of my youth back and a flabby belly is not part of that. I want to go swimming with my girls without worrying about this belly...... Anyways. In the meantime my husband got my something else. Our budget was very limited ($250 range). And he knew I had been wanting a new iPhone. My last one was on a downhill slope. So he purchased a new one for me. I think I would have taken a day at the spa over the phone though. But he is a techy type guy so his mind doesn't think of those type of things very well. But honestly, whatever he would have gotten me I would have loved. I'm still in newsboy a pedicure though!! :)

  • My suggestion would be any good book that is related to pregnancy or you can give any maternity clothes. These would the best gifts for new pregnancy.
  • I don't have kids, but I would think that if you really want to get her a gift for now that a gift card for maternity clothes would great. It's something for her & that she can use now. She'll probably get lots of baby stuff from a shower or when it's closer to her due date.
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