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wedding rings

Out of curiosity, how long did those of you who are divorced keep your wedding rings and for those of you who have gotten rid of them what did you do with them?  Did you sell them or pawn them?  My husband and I are filing for divorce and I just want them gone.  This totally sucks. 

Re: wedding rings

  • With my first marriage I thought I would take the diamond and put it into another setting, like a necklace, but I met my current husband and I ended up just throwing my rings away.
  • If you truly just want them gone, and don't care how much you get for them, I'd hock them or sell them to a jewelry store. Then tell your STBXH how little you got for them.
  • My diamond broker has mine to resell to a buyer. Many people sell them back to stores or to a pawn shop. You will usually get something like 30% of the appraised value at a pawn shop. 

    If your rings are his family heirloom you should give them back though. Regardless I'd wait until after the divorce so he can't claim you sold rings that he should have had. Some XHs are asssholes and will try to get the rings back. Sorry you're dealing with this.  


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  • i got divorced end of June, i still have mine, but since they were not GIA certified i can't get crap for them.  What i can do is go back to where we bought them since they will give me the trade in value for the purchase price on new jewelry or buy them back.  so that's what i will be doing with mine as soon as BF proposes because i can't try on wedding bands with out the E-ring on...and i don't want to make 2 trips to philly. 
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