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Dog - UTI - how much did vet etc cost? (and other questions)

I can be a little OCD with pets getting sick (and had a really bad experience in the past with two cats getting sick with colds and about a $3500 vet bill when I had no efund...not smart). So ever since I easily freak out when a dog/cat gets ill.

Flanangan (our two year old Irish Setter/Golden Retriever X) is super house trained - and hasn't had an accident since he was a wee pup. Today I took him and our French Bulldog out to our backyard and he didn't pee in spite of being out there for five minute (normally he goes in the first 10 seconds). Later my hubby came home and played fetch with him upstairs. Flanagan lifted his leg and peed and even though DH interrupted him (which would normally stop him if this was done outside) he could stop. Flanagan peed a whole day's worth. Kind of weird. Other than this one out of character incident there's been nothing wrong with him - a little subdued (but he could be embarassed or ashamed at what happened knowing him) and our Frenchie sniffed his region after he peed.

I'm not sure if my Flani has a UTI and I will likely take him to the vet tomorrow. I'm just curious if your dog has ever had a UTI and if so...what symptoms did he or she have? As well, did you take them to the vet - how much did the visit and meds cost? 

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Re: Dog - UTI - how much did vet etc cost? (and other questions)

  • Our puppy had one that we couldn't get rid of for a couple of months. He was needing to go outside every 5 minutes to pee and if we didn't bring him out the second he told us he would have an accident. We spend a few hundred dollars because we had to go back three different times and put him on 3-4 different meds to get rid of it. 
  • I don't think it's common for boys to have UTIs, but it definitely sounds like something is up.

    She peed inside and had frequent urges, running to the back door. 

    The office visit is around $40. Then the urine culture was around $25 and the meds were $40 or so. 


  • It depends on a lot. Maybe it will be $50 for the vet visit and $25 for culture and then whatever antibiotics would be. For me it was all that, repeat a few times, and then a $1200 bladder surgery for bladder stones and then repeating x-rays every 6 months.
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  • Vet visit - $40 (look back at your records to see what yours is though, it could vary)
    Urine Analysis - $20
    Meds - $40 (Clavamox for 14 days)

    I know all of this because our foster has a UTI. He came into the rescue with it. His family surrendered him b/c they couldn't house train him. Yeah no wonder, he had a raging infection!! The vet techs said they have never seen so many crystals as he had. I take him back in a week and they will check his urine again. If there are still crystals then we'll x-ray to rule out any stones.

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  • It wasn't our dog, but out cat. He's always been litter box trained and started peeing on everything. The vet was free (it's my husbands old roommate's wife. For minor things, she doesn't charge us), and the antibiotic drops were cheap. We had to take him in to get rechecked after the antibiotics and he was clear.
  • I am crazy about my dogs, but I wouldn't take my dog to the vet if it was just that one thing.

    What I WOULD be concerned about is if your dog was straining or trying to go when he was outside for five minutes and had difficulty going. That happened to my dog and what actually happened is that he had bladder stones and sediment in his urine. It cost me a $5K+ ER stay for three days.  

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  • Typically you catch a urine sample in a disposable plate or pan and pour it in a jar to have it tested. If it is a UTI the vet will call you and you pick up meds which cost about 50 bucks.
  • My dog (female) has had 2 or 3 UTIs. I can always tell when she has one, because when I take her out she will squat and pee like normal, but then she'll walk around the yard and squat several more times and nothing happens. I think with the doc visit, antibiotic, and urinalysis it's probably always been $100 or so. They did do an ultrasound once, which added some cost. I have lost a dog once to a freak thing, and IMO there's nothing not worth doing for a family pet. I'd probably sell a kidney if that's what I had to do for veterinary care. I should probably say that we are currently facing a potential serious health issue with my pup that I have been very emotional about today, which might explain my feelings on this :/


  • Also, Target's PetRx program (pet meds in the target pharmacy) carries clavamox, which may be cheaper than your vet.  You can call them in advance if your Target is participating in the program (there is a list on their website) and ask for the price - if the vet's price is higher, ask them to call the Rx into Target.  
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