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Boudoir photos

I want to do them myself...  Any tips?  I want to make a CD for DH, it can be useful when he's out of town.  I don't want to have them done professionally, because I'm not comfortable with anyone seeing me like that.  Same goes with friends.  Any suggestions on where to place the camera for self timer?  Has anyone else done this?

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Re: Boudoir photos

  • I did them professionally and it really was awesome. I had a female photographer.  She was great!  I think it would be hard to do them yourself...for me I kinda needed her to tell me where to put my hands, where to look etc.  I was always wearing enough clothes to keep it PG-13...basically like wearing a bathing suit - a one piece. 


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  • I had a pro do mine too and they came out great. My photographer was a woman and she made me feel so comfortable. There was also a makeup artist and the whole thing made me feel transformed. 

    The pics were really sexy, but still tasteful enough that I could show my closest girlfriend the album when she considered getting one for her husband. I recommend a pro if your only issue is comfort.

    Good luck! 

  • There's lots of decent photographers that specialize in boudoir photos -- and you do not have to go full monty.

    You can choose to do cheesecake pinup photos from a retro time period -- the Forties would be a fabulous era to choose.:)

    Here's another suggestion:

    If you can find any of the Playboy archives from the mid Sixties, have a look at the Playmates. This was a natural, "girl next door" look, nothing like what Playboy is today.:)

  • Thanks for all the replies girls!  I am looking around the area for photographers. 

    *TTC since 10/11* 
    BFP: 9/30/12, EDD: 6/15/13
    *~*Our miracle arrived on 6/13/13*~*
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  • Go for it!! If you have problems with someone seeing you nude,you may not want to take those pictures. Good luck looking for someone who is not too pricey.
  • I also had mine done professionally at a company owned by women who specialize in these and pin up pictures, I was SO nervous but it was so much fun!  They turned out unbelievable, when I gave them to him for Christmas he was so excited!  It was worth every penny!


  • And if you go for one of those Forties or Fifties cheesecake photo types of boudoir photos, get a few taken that are hangable in your home.:)  it's a nice keepsake of the days where you were really hot and attractive.:) 
  • Well, bringing out best in real woman start with letting to know her what to expect as taking performance pressure off. Most of the women who approaches for a shoot have similar concern with hesitation there are many more good options to getting there sexy boudoir without any hasitations.


    sexy boudoir

  • I just had my boudoir photos taken here in Dallas at Sweet Love Studios and it was so much fun! My husband loved his 1st anniversary gift.  They had a makeup artist do my hair and makeup and I felt like a supermodel!  So much fun!

     Here's their website if you want to see some of the shots:


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