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Visitor : New Port Richey Question

Hi All! I'm a lurker on the main boards and currently living in GB Wisconsin. I'm considering applying for a new job with my company in New Port Richey, but know nothing about it ...

From my research I see that NPR has a slightly lower cost of housing than GB, slightly higher crime rates ... and that's about it!

I guess my questions are some of these

- Good areas to look for accommodation in the area (we'd be buying, need a yard, preferably not a new build and definitely not in a housing association

- Whats the lifestyle like there? is it small-town, city feel, rural? conservative, young, old

- If climate, cost and jobs weren't a limiting factor, what would you think of the move for a young, restless couple who find GB a little too quiet for comfort?

 Thanks in advance guys!

Re: Visitor : New Port Richey Question

  • I lived near there for a few years. It is definitely an older area (people and the area itself).(this is my nice way of saying i did not love it, lol) We live in New Tampa now..

     For a younger couple, I would recommend looking in Palm Harbor/Dunedin and driving the 20 mins to work.  Dunedin has a downtown area with bars and restaurants...it is really cute.

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  • If you like having a social life, do not move to NPR.  It will kill it in a hurry.
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  • I'd consider surrounding areas, though in fairness, I'm not really familiar with the whole area. My SIL lives over there, so I really have just been in her neighborhood, and, well, I wouldn't live there. It's just very run down.

    That said, there are some nice areas around NPR, like Alzi said. I love Dunedin. Andalso, I moved from Wisconsin about 8 years ago (Eau Claire) and am very, very glad I did.

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  • I would not live in New Port Richey.  But Trinity has some nice areas, as well as Palm Harbor, Dunedin, etc.  Definitely look at the surrounding areas.  You can't go wrong with the weather here, and there is tons to do.  You can live in the surrounding areas and still take advantage of all that Tampa has to offer.
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  • NPR has the reputation of being kind of run-down and ugly :( Whenever I think of it, I think of this episode of Intervention I saw that took place there. The episode showed exactly what NPR looks like. No pretty scenery at all, no charm. People call it New Port Raunchy :(

    Sorry to be a downer! Just want to tell it like it is. I hope I'm not offending anyone. Like the other girls said, you could look around the areas nearby it, there are nicers ones :)

  • I agree with pp's.  I think NPR would be a fine place to work, and I would live in a surrounding area and commute.  The nice thing about the bay area is that everything is pretty close in my opinion.  I commute from one area of Tampa to another for work, and it's not a big deal at all.

    I have friends who live in Palm Harbor, and it's also not that far away from the Westchase/Citrus Park, Northdale area, especially if you can live close to the Veterans/Suncoast and shoot up there and then west.  There are some really nice housing developments in these areas, and there are tons of things to do within a short drive.  The weather here is very nice, albeit hottt, but I love that you can go to the beach in December.  We have a friend who moved down here from Green Bay a few years ago and she loves it. 

    Good luck!

  • I live in NPR...definitely not a place with a lot of social life opportunities like Tampa and Clearwater.  I like it because we are close enough to Tampa and other areas, yet far enough away that it's quiet.  We live in Waters Edge which is a nice gated community...we're closed off from any outsiders or undesireables.  We have a lot of young families in our community as well as really nice  amenities.  Having lived in NPR since my family moved here when I was in HS, I would only live in my current subdivision or Trinity area.  Longleaf is nice too.
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