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Lump on my dog's back leg

So last night I noticed that there was a lump on my B&T Coonhound's right hind leg--I hadn't noticed it before and when I feel it, it is kind of hard?firm I should say.  She sleeps on that side a lot and is a giant klutz always walking into things but I?m still nervous.  DH said we should wait to see if it gets bigger or if it goes away before calling the vet because we just noticed it so it must be pretty new.  She HATES the vet and is basically uncontrollable while there (she is a rescue and the vet thinks she has issues from her past with vets).  I think the only way they will be able to deal with her is to sedate her.  Is this something I should be nervous about (stupid question I guess).  We had a basset hound as a kid who had lymphoma but his lumps were fatty feeling and were all up near his neck and chest?never on the muscle of his hind leg, but I?m still worried about that prospect?we?ve only had her for 7 months!  Her blood work in August came back OK?no signs of infection or anything.

Re: Lump on my dog's back leg

  • Did she recently have vaccinations?  My dogs tend to have lingering lumps from where they get their rabies shots. 

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  •  There are a bunch of benign things it could be, but still get it checked out.

    For fluid filled lumps:

    For solid lumps:

    Just went through a scare with my dog over the summer. Needle aspirate pointed to all kinds of cancers. Upon removal and pathology it was a benign tumor. They called it an ancanthoma.

    It appeared on the above list, but I was envisioning the worst case scenario when I got the initial results of a 'tumor'.

    Keep in mind vets tend to call all growths "tumors". The word tumor to them does not always mean cancer, like it does to me.

    Also look into these:

    My dog had mast cell cancer when he was 7.  The cancer never returned after he had it surgically removed.

    Good luck!

  • I was going to ask too, if she recently had a vaccine.
  • No, last vacc. was in August.  She did recently "fall down the stairs"--ran too fast and slid backward down four to the bottom and limped for a little bit but then about 15 minutes later she was walking normal. 

    I was thinking of a needle biopsy too--that's where we will get into sedation for my dog...they need the vet and three techs to hold her for a vacc!!

    Thanks for the info girls. 

  • I usually lurk on this board but thought I'd give my two cents....

    Our dog is a black lab/coonhound mix and we found a lump on his front leg this summer 2 days after getting his teeth cleaned; the vet tech we took him to told us it was probably just subcutaneous fluid from the iv from getting put under for the cleaning. We didn't feel good about it so we called our vet and she had him come in right away, since it was a hard mass. It turned out to be a tumor, tendon sheath fibrosarcoma, which they cut out, and we ended up getting radiation done on his leg because they didn't get all of the cancer. He is healing still from that, he too is a rescue and FREAKS out at the vet, but after all of the visits we've had he has gotten more used to it.

    I didn't post this to scare you, but the vet told us this type of tumor is found more often in active dogs, and since you said it is hard and on his muscle/tendon, it sounds suspiciously like what we went through. I think it is worth it for the peace of mind to take him in and get it tested. Our dog's tumor came up literally overnight, I wouldn't take the risk of waiting if I were you.

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