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Has anyone done grass plugs?

I posted this on the G&L board, but figured I'd ask locally too.

I'm thinking of getting Bella Blue Grass Plugs from the High Country catalog. 

We re-landscaped (ok, still in progress) the front yard to have less maintenance and a larger xeric area.  I do still want some grass though.  It seems like this is a pretty good option - 30% less water, and it says it won't need mowing.




Re: Has anyone done grass plugs?

  • How big is the area?

    Personally, I would look at some of the local turf companies and seed places that have xeric or similar hybrid options. Plugs are going to be way pricier than seed and maybe even the sod on a SF basis.  If you are going to have the kids playing on it, I would recommend sod, if you are doing it more for aesthetics, the seed would probably work.

    I love High Country's catalog, but haven't been that impressed by their actual product (though I don't have a ton of experience with it). Plus you'll have to dig each hole and plant them yourself, and then water/maintain them like seed, which sounds like a ton of work (kind of a hybrid between sod and seed establishment).

    We got some hybrid turf  sod for our back yard a few years ago (which we do have to mow, but which does take less water) from one of the local turf farms (I can look it up at home), and so far it has been pretty good.

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  • I haven't got any experience with them, but I think that the grass looks like a great choice, with the no-mow and everything.
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  • No, but I tried mushrooms once and it didn't go well.


    (sorry J--I had to!)

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  • image d&jb52407:

    No, but I tried mushrooms once and it didn't go well.


    (sorry J--I had to!)

    lol. I would be quite the neighborhood sensation with a yard made of phallic mushrooms.



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