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Pound Cake

Okay so I googled it, and it said that it is a cake that you use a pound of 4 ingredients to make. 

My question is, is pound cake actually stiffer and less soft than regular cake?

And to you that have made it or eaten it, does it taste good? I have never had it... 

Any other facts or opinions about pound cake are certainly welcome! I'm just really curious... 

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Re: Pound Cake

  • Pound cake is veeerrry good! I'm not sure about the ingredients but I would use the word "dense" rather than "stiff" or "less soft" than regular cake. It's more structurally sound meaning it will hold its shape much better when decorating very extravagant or tall cakes. It is still soft and tastes great, just heavier, meaning I eat a smaller piece of pound cake compared to regular cake...
  • Pound cake is delicious!!!!  I have almost always had it baked in a loaf pan.  It is not as light as other cake - it is denser and richer and more buttery.  It is delicious to use for strawberry shortcake or to cover in ganache.  Think more decadent and indulgent than regular cake.  It's good.
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  • I would agree with pp that they are dense, rich, and very buttery! Not "light or fluffy" for sure.

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  • Pound cake recipes today are much more sophisticated than the 'pound of this, pound of that' recipes of the past. Pound cakes are also very popular in the South. I'm not a big fan. They are not as sweet as regular cake so go well with fruit toppings and whipped cream. I have known some people to put a slice of pound cake in the toaster to crisp the outside, then spread butter and/or jam on it and eat it like toast.
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