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A rude FB comment. Silly, but I'm annoyed.

Today in the comment section of someone else's FB post, a person made a comment it being impossible to get a degree without ending up way in debt (to summarize the big comment he left). I told them I'm about to get my BA and will be debt free.  And they said it would be more impressive if it were a BS.

And to that I say, effffffffffffffffff you  buddy. The two categories are so freaking broad that he could not have any idea what my degree will actually be in, or what my intended job is, but he is just making the assumption that I took the easy way out. Guess what--the math and science field isn't the only way to be "impressive"! And hello--the topic was debt, not my degree.

Silly, but you know. 

Re: A rude FB comment. Silly, but I'm annoyed.

  • I'd be annoyed too. He just wanted to put you down after you disagreed with him. He's an idiot.
  • I'd be annoyed too!
  • Wow, super rude and frankly kind of childish. He's just mad that you basically proved his (stupid, unfounded) point wrong with your personal experience, and decided to put you down. Pretty much the equivalent of "Oh yeah?? Well... your mom smells."

    He's a hater. Don't worry about him.

  • I'd be annoyed too!  At my school, BS actually had LESS requirements than BA.  The BA required foreign language.
  • Wtf? They're so interchangeable they barely mean a thing. I have a BS and I'm still in debt 13 years out of college -- yeah, that's something to be proud of. What an @sswipe.
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  • first off huge congratulations for getting your ba and being debt free. that is a major accomplishment. that guy is clearly a moron. 

    for the record i have my ba, worked my a$$ off, and although i am no where near debt free i still consider it a huge accomplishment.

    i would tell him that anything worth doing is worth working for and that he should think twice before bashing on hard working people 

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  • At my undergrad school, BA vs. BS was solely determined by which college housed the major.  All majors in (I think it was called) Letters & Sciences were awarded BAs.  And all sciences were in this college and folks received BAs.  I have my BA in a math field.  And this college was UC Berkeley, so not some random little college doing its own thing.

    So, there!

    (and I don't think anyone with a bachelor's cares about or notices BA vs BS).
  • Augh.  This is one of those situations where I wish we could reach into our monitors and smack a b!tch.  Sorry he put you down, that was so uncalled for.
  • I'm with PinkHighlighter on this one - mostly.  In my case, I actually graduated with a BS, but it's in the radio/broadcasting field.  Which is not really scientific at all, at least based on my major (other majors in the same general field were kinda scientific.) 

    Our school seemed to decide which degree got which letters via flipping a coin.  There were BS's in the music and speech departments, too.

  • 1st off: good for you! 

    2nd: I want to go comment that I got my BS debt free (my mom worked at the school) and my husband got both his BS and his masters debt free (full ride for the first, severance + research assistant position.) so it is possible.

     At this point, any degree- debt free or not is something to be very proud of! 

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  • That guy is a complete asshat.  

    GO YOU!  I personally know how hard it is to be in school and how hard it is to get a degree....I am doing it as we speak!  I too am getting a BA and let me confirm that getting a BA is just as hard as getting a BS.  I changed my major half way through, I was originally getting a BS in a field that was WAY easier than the one I am currently getting my BA in!

    Oh and guess what...I too am not going into debt getting my degree!  I am fortunate in that we are able to afford it, by making changes to our spending and living.  But if that had not been an option I would have worked my bum off to get scholarships and grants.  I am currently working on those for my MA since the MA is more than my BA and it will be extremely difficult to pay out of pocket on that. It is possible.  You and I are proving it.

    I have found that as long as I prove I am a good student and I work my bottom off and get good grades and get to know my professors and put in the face time in my department so they know me...that a lot more opportunities are open to me.  I am currently up for a really prestigious scholarship in my department and I really hope I get it because any help rocks. I am also up for a TA position opportunity should I be accepted into my MA program.  The head of my department is asking me to do take that to that crappy comment.  We can do these things and we SHOULD be proud of them and not take BS from complete idiots like him. 

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  • I really appreciate everyone backing me up here. I couldn't decide if I was justified or just being overly-sensitive. Hearing everyone agree with me about the discrepancies between what a BA and BS even mean makes me feel more justified lol.

    My husband is always saying that the work I am doing for my degree is impressive because he is baffled by it--and he's working on his Applied Mathematics degree (BS). So, you know, it just depends. The bottom line is any degree is impressive, and the guy was really being a jerk and trying to put me down.

    I decided to just not comment further. I'll just let him be the last comment in the thread, because I really am against starting arguments in other people's status updates, ya know? He's no friend of mine, so it's not like I have to put up with him. 

    Thank you all again! 

  • We are with you also.
  • That is soo awesome! WOW congrats! I am working on my 2nd degree I am actually in a schlarship competition! My essay got selected and it just needs people to vote for it in order to win! Please Help me win by voting! To vote, please follow the link and click the number of stars you think it deserves. *** Note: I believe for the votes to count, you must click the stars 2 times. Thank you :) Hopefully I can help get me from being too far into debt lol
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