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What stores do (good) professional bra fitting?

We live in the boondocks and there isn't a Nordstrom within a 2 hour radius of us.  What other stores do professional bra fittings that I could look into?  Is this something Macy's or JC Penney does?

 Reading the bra fitting posts today has me convinced that I'm probably wearing an incorrect size!

Re: What stores do (good) professional bra fitting?

  • Do you have a good local independent lingerie store near you?
  • I wouldn't go to a generic department store like Macy's or JC Penney... they don't do the greatest job with bra fittings, and they don't have a great range of sizes.

    Dillards and Nordstrom are decent, but I understand not having one close by (the nearest Nordstrom for us right now is 3 hours away!). You could wait until you get a chance to go into the town where the Nordstrom is, or look for a small bra boutique in your area. They will generally do better fittings than any department store. Just avoid Victoria's Secret at all costs!

    You can also measure yourself at home if you can't find a good place. Some good bra websites also have good guides to bra fitting/measuring, like this one:

    Good luck! 

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  • Awesome - thanks for the information!  I will add Nordstrom to my list next time I'm near one and for now check out the website you posted.  I did just measure myself (according to the directions in the other bra fitting post) and it shows I'm wearing too BIG of a bra.  Blah. 
  • Well, there's really no substitute for actually trying on bras. Measuring yourself (there's a better explanation in the link I just posted) is really just to get a general idea. Also, size may vary between brands. If you think you're a size that's sold in most department stores (generally band sizes between 32-38 and cups between A-DD), you could go try a bunch on just to see.
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  • Von Mauer does them too.  I've had decent fittings there when I can't get to Nordstrom.
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