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Need help with very dry skin

Most of my face seems to be normal, except around the cheek/chin area where it is so dry that it is flaky.  I wash my face at night with Olay sensitive skin face wash, use a clarisonic about twice a week, and use Neutrogena lotion for sensitive skin.  I recently stopped washing my face in the morning and just use moisturizer then do my makeup (currently I use MUF HD liquid foundation).  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Re: Need help with very dry skin

  • I always liked Ponds Dry Skin Cream.  One of the only thingsthat worked for me when my skin was really dry (or Palmer's cocoa butter).
  • When the skin on my cheeks is very dry (I live in Colorado) I will apply my body lotion (Gold Bond with Aloe). It doesn't make me break out, but it helps a lot with the flakey skin.

    Good luck! I hate winter for the dry skin issues. 

  • I struggle with dry, flaky skin too.  A couple of months ago I started using First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream and Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream, and they have been life-savers.  My skin is very sensitive, but neither of these have irritated my skin, and they have both helped cut down on my eczema flare-ups.  Both can be found at Sephora.

  • At night I use Laura Mercier "Flawless" skin cream which contains Argan oil and is super moisturizing. Then in the morning before I apply my makeup I use Cetaphil lotion. That seems to work for my skin. 

    Try to get a sample of it to see if it works for you.  

  • Getting an occasional microdermabrasion treatment will take care of the dry spots and make your skin very soft.  I also use a face wash every day that exfoliates, and it helps a lot.  What I've been using is Lush brand Angels on Bare Skin, but I'm sure there are plenty of options for washes that also exfoliate.
  • I exfoliate with olay pore scrub every day and then use boots #7 protect and petfect. Make sure you are exfoliating or else you're just cream on top of dead flaky skin.
  • Dermatologica "calming Line" saved my skin.  I feel like I should be doing a commercial for them.  :) Seriously, my skin was soooo dry and red and irritated before I started using the calming products.
  • At night, use a touch of olive oil on the dry spots, before you use your regular moisturizer.  Sounds crazy, but it really helps with my extremely dry skin.
  • I use olive oil on my skin too!
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