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Rescue Me

We finally finished watching all the seasons, and I think it's the best show ever made.  Even though the last 2 seasons were kinda slow, I loved it.  I'm so happy it's on Netflix to watch again and again.

And it only feeds my fireman fantasy.  :) 

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Re: Rescue Me

  • I really enjoyed the first couple of seasons but the last one was kind of disappointing. The whole thing with him, his wife and sister in law was just weird and the daughter not wanting him to walk her down the aisle? It just didn't ring true this season. They were trying to create drama where none existed. The show was always at its best when it focused on the fire house, the job and the relationships among the guys.

    My BIL is FDNY and he says that the scenes in the fire house are pretty accurate (the language, sexual conquest stories, etc.) but most of the fire fighters aren't that dysfunctional and most of them have happy marriages and are faithful. But, just like with police shows, if they showed how things really were, it would be booooring.

  • I totally agree that the last season was the worst.  Needed more fire, less female drama.  And wtf was up with Franco?  Of all the people I disliked during the show, he was definitely the most hated.  What a d!ck.
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  • I totally agree about the last season.  And whoever said 'They were making drama where there was none' totally hit the nail on the head. 

    I had an off again/on again thing w/ Franco.  He would get weird sometimes.  Like, what was up w/ Susan Sarandon, essentially, kid napping his daughter and the show/Franco never mentioning even the fact he has a daughter again??  I've seriously always wondered about this.

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