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How do you know when potatoes have gone bad?

If they have those sprout things growing out of them, I can just remove them, right?  It's just if the potato starts to get soft that's it's no longer edible, correct? 

I found a couple potatoes in my pantry yesterday, but didn't check them out up close...I was thinking of using them to make twice baked potatoes tonight, so I just wanted to check on exactly how I would know if they're still good or not.  I've never had an issue with a rotten potato before, but I also don't know how long these potatoes have been in there.  I didn't even know I had them!

Re: How do you know when potatoes have gone bad?

  • I usually toss them when they are squishy or moldy.
  • my rule is: when in doubt, toss it to be safe

    whenever I have a food item that is questionsable, I just toss it and get more.

  • I usually throw them out when they are soft & smelly

  • Ok, cool.  So hopefully they're not soft.  I really want twice baked potatoes tonight, and considering the weather today, I don't really want to go to the store either.  Fingers crossed for firm potatoes.
  • If they are growing eyes, I just pluck those off. If they are squishy or wrinkly, then they aren't good.

    The worst thing ever - rotten red potatoes. OMG! It is the worst smell ever and they emit some sort of black liquid. Grossest thing I've ever EVER had happen in my kitchen was when I forgot about a bag of red potatoes...

  • I accidentally got water in a bag of potatoes once, and it made them go bad quite rapidly.  The odor was awful. 

    I usually just pull the sprouts off.  As long as the potatoes are firm, they should be fine. 

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