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The Closer 12/26

Jam-packed episode last night. I missed the first 5 minutes and wasn't able to pay attention as well as I needed during the first airing so I actually watched it a second time. I liked the connection between several episodes' plots and characters. Very suspenseful ending!

I am still really thrown, though, about who this leak could be. Every time I think it's one person, I doubt myself and then switch to someone else. Who do you think the department leak is?

Re: The Closer 12/26

  • They're trying really hard to make it look like Provenza so I don't think it's him.  Maybe Gabriel?  I don't know either!
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  • Some days I think it's Pope.  My rationale was that he is still bitter about Brenda applying for Chief. But I don't understand the motive fully on that.

    Last night's episode, there was that interesting conversation between Sanchez and Brenda in the car. So I'd like to think he's not in the running, but you never know.


  • I'm sure it's going to be a real shocker when it comes out.  Man, I hate that this series is ending!  I've loved it from the first episode and I hate to see it go. 
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  • Last night the hubs watched with me for the first time so I had to keep pausing and explaining what was going on.  Overall I thought it was pretty good but it sucks that we have to wait until summer for the rest of the episodes.
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  • I was disappointed that they didn't tell us who the leak is tonight, even by just revealing it to the audience before the characters know.

    I hope it's not Gabriel.  I thought it might be Commander Taylor, but who knows!

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  • I'm really hoping it's either Pope or Taylor because I don't want it to be one of the guys actually on Brenda's team.
  • I thinks it's Taylor. He's always there and is overlooked a lot. 
  • I vote Taylor. He's never been a team player. 
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    I vote Taylor. He's never been a team player. 


    I really hope it's him.  I'd be disappointed if it wasn't.  

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