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What did Santa bring you?

Was Santa good to you??

I saw a lot of other boards posting this. I saw one board was doing a PIP for what Santa brought, too ( I am not that motivated, though... LOL)

DH gave me a heart monitor for spinning classes - SO EXCITED and completely unexpected! He gave me a gc to Excuria Spa & Starbucks, some children's books I wanted, a book by David Sedaris,  Glee music, and socks!  A few other things I can't remember b/c of my food coma! LOL

My Mom gave me pjs & a gc to Barnes&Nobles. My SIL gave me & the DH a gf to Fridays! She also had this cool wood plaque made for us with the Sabres logo on it. DH is going to put it in his office!

Please share!




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Re: What did Santa bring you?

  • I got tickets to see Shrek the musical - all the women in my family are going.  My sister got tickets to see Rascal Flatts and Sarah Evans so she invited me to go so in a roundabout way I got tickets to a concert too.

    I got a yankees charm for my bracelet, an ice cream attachment for my kitchen aid, new pots and pans, gift cards, a curling iron, clothes and scarves, gloves that I can use my phone with (since it's a touch phone) movies, games, booze, etc.  Lots of stuff - Santa was very generous!

  • I got some new books, some gift cards that I can hopefully put to use at the post-holiday sales, some extra blades for my food processor and some new pjs. DH also got me some of my favorite coffee that I'm going to brew up right now and plop down with one of my new books for the rest of the morning. Yay for days off!


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  • I got a new book, several gift cards (to the movies, Kohl's, Bettie's Cakes), a few sweaters, 2 pairs of pants, a scarf, a new watch, and a Vera Bradley bag and wallet! :) Santa was beyond generous this year!


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