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Anyone watch Sister Wives?

This is my first time watching a few episodes. So why did they move from Utah? And what business are they opening?

Re: Anyone watch Sister Wives?

  • I watch it...shhhhh :) 

    I think they left because of the investigation. They packed up and moved really fast.

    They are trying to open up a gym.

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  • image idonthavethis:

    I watch it...shhhhh :) 

    I think they left because of the investigation. They packed up and moved really fast.

    They are trying to open up a gym.

    Yep - this.  And I watch it too.  I kind of love it. Embarrassed 

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  • I think the gym idea is so strange. I get that the girls are working out now, but they're so not gym people to me.

    Did anyone else think the exchange between Robin and Meri at the end of the last episode was super awkward?

    bumping from my phone. please pardon any typos and missing punctuation
  • Yes, they moved out of Utah b/c they were being investigated for polygamy and felt like they were being harassed. I'm getting tired of the show now. It's like they keep having kids yet none of them have jobs anymore and in typical TLC fashion they're all off having spa days and contemplating having 4 freaking houses built. I know it's cheaper in Vegas but I don't see how they will be able to swing that for long. I don't see the show sticking around that much longer. I think one season was interesting just to see how they live but now it's becoming a snoozefest.
  • I can't watch it regularly. If I need to see portrayals of modern polygamy I will pull some old HBO, so I can see some fictional, but good-looking drama.  Sadly for the Brown family, they aren't the most attractive bunch, so I can't really see the show lasting that long. 
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  • I DVR it and usually watch it while I fold laundry. I usually enjoy it, but the bouncing around trying to find a job thing is starting to become a little annoying. When they first moved to Vegas and were looking at houses, they considered going into Real Estate. That idea just kind of evaporated and now they're fitness experts.

    I get that they want to make a career out of something that they enjoy and has dual purpose for them, but I don't see myself looking at them and thinking, "I want to go to their gym." I haven't seen the latest episodes, but the last one I saw was their weigh-in. Over 30 days, they each dropped maybe 3 pounds. As someone who had a lot less weight to lose and managed to lose a healthy 30 lbs, they're doing something wrong. I think they should really focus on their eating habits. Perhaps they should try to be dieticians!

  • I haven't watched it in a while but they moved (and fast!) because they were being investigated for Polygamy. There was a high chance that he would have gotten arrested for Polygamy if they had stayed. They also hoped to find people being more accepting to their situation in the new state.

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