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Doggie treats?

I have some great recpies for dog treats and I've made them twice now but everytime I make them they get soft, not crunchy. How can I get them crunchy? If I let them in too long to try and crisp them they burn. I've tried turning them but it doesn't help the crunch factor! Does anyone have any tricks or know of any baking pans that help crisp things up? I have a regular oven, the convection oven (which I know will help) will come when we get new appliances but until then I have to use what I've got!!!

 Any ideas at all? Thanks ladies!

Re: Doggie treats?

  • First - I haven't made doggie treats before, but I work in the Culinary Arts field (Baking and Pastries). So I have a few pointers you can try that might help.

    You can make the treats thinner before baking. You can also leave them out before storing them to "dry out".

    You may also need to adjust your recipe. If the dough is to dry or wet (depending on your ingredients) it will change the way the treats bake. Also, if there is a levener (baking powder, baking soda, etc) in the recipe you can reduce that amount or leave it our completely. What this will do is prevent the treat from rising, keeping them flat and make toasting quicker. I would still leave some in the recipe.

    Just remember if you adjust the recipe your quantities may change as well as the amount of time it will take to bake, so keep an eye on the oven! can take the easiest way and find a new recipe! :)

  • You dont happen to have a toaster oven, do you? I bet that could crisp them right up.
  • I agree with PP - leave out any baking soda or baking powder. Also, the drier the dough, the crispier they'll be.

    I make this recipe (below), and they get very crunchy.



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