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How to get out of a cleaning rut?

Okay so here is my problem. Our first few months of marriage I didn't have a job because I just moved into the city from out of town. And so I was really good about cleaning the house and keeping it that way. Now I have a job which is great but now u can't seem to have enough hours in the day to clean again. And things just keep piling up. How to I get back into a routine that is simple enough for me to accomplish even when I'm dead tired from work? 

Re: How to get out of a cleaning rut?

  • I'm not much help because sometimes I can't pull myself up to do anything after work, but I try to clean a different room every night. I don't know the link, but I think her blog is called "the good wife" she has a good schedule I try to follow. Then you don't have to clean everything every day. Good luck.  

  • Martha Stewart has some good lists/schedules on her website. I haven't applied them yet but I have them saved lol. Maybe this is my reminder to start using them.
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  • A few things that have worked for myself & DH:

    Stick with a routine & things will become a habit:

    • Try pinning a task to an alotted day of the week.  DH & I do laundry on Fridays because it's at the end of the work week & all of the work/workout clothes can get washed.  Then just the folding & putting away part is all that is left & we have the rest of the weekend to do it.

    Make yourself a list that consists of 3 bullet points each morning while you eat breakfast:

    •  Your mind is surprisingly at it's peak in the mornings & things that you have to do that day will rise to the surface.  Make these points small but enough to make a dent.  Things such as - sort through bills/mail, wash dishes, make 1 meal ahead of time, change bedding, dust 1 level of house, brush cats, walk dog, go through fridge & toss old leftovers, etc.  I usually have my 3 and DH has his.  It's amazing at how much you can get done during the week doing this as a team.

    Change *How* you Clean:

    I love to organize my closets or do a boring task most when DH is home.  You can put on a movie as background noise or dance to music while you do it.  Also, give yourself a "reward" like saying if you get a closet organized, you're taking the rest of the day to catch up on DVR, etc.

  • I like to clean as you go, it takes very little time in the morning to make the bed and pick up your clothes etc., hang up your towels, put the dishes in the dishwasher etc.  Also I hope your spouse is helping, if I am overwhelmed I ask DH to help with the laundry, grocery shopping etc. to free up time to get everything done.

    In the evenings, I will set the timer for 20 mins and do a task, you can get more done in 15 mins than you think.



  • DH does help. He is great but unfortunately he doesn't always pick the easy stuff. This past week he was home all week but couldn't help because the Friday before while he was being the wonderful husband is he by taking out the trash( I didnt even ask) he fell down our stairs and twisted his ankle. Which why most of the mess has gathered to a horrible highth. As my helper was out for a week.

  • Ugh, I feel you!  I recently started doing but I have posted some other schedules and techniques I use on my blog, too.

    I will say that making it a point to make the bed, do one load of laundry a day, and clean out the bathroom and kitchen sinks daily helps me at leaset feel like things are clean.  Then I try to tackle one big task a day (vaccum, mop, clean kitchen or bathroom).


  • Okay so I tried some of the tips. And my partner in grime is back on his feet. I've have seen such an improvement that I'm shocked I have a floor again!! And there is carpet! Lol. Thank you so much for all of ya'lls tips! But please feel free to give more! In not a very good cleaner as it is. Truthfully the only reason the house was as clean as it was the first few months was because I had nothing else to do. 
  • I follow for general ideas.

    But things that I stick to:

    - I get up and make the bed (DH gets up first)

    - I leave the house with the house tidy: dishes in the dishwasher, things put away, a load of laundry on.

    - I go to bed with the dinner dishes done, the house picked up, any laundry folded and put away etc etc.

    Every week I focus on a room and I just spend a few minutes a day cleaning or decluttering in that room.

    I do a lot of quick jobs during the ads on TV.

    Like pp I always wipe down my bathroom. I've also found that as I've kept on top of the kitchen it's easy to extend out my, "I always wipe down my counter tops at night" to, "I always wipe down my counter tops, stove, microwave, front of fridge)"

    Once a week I vacuum, wipe down door frames, clean mirrors, dust.

    I lay out my clothes the night before, so that getting up and dressed in the morning is quick and easy.

    I also lay out my daughter's clothes and make both our lunches and pack her bag for daycare the night before. 



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  • Sometimes when I'm just really tired but my house is a big icky mess, I watch an episode of HOARDERS. I get to relax for a hour or so while getting really motivated to clean after looking the hell holes these people live in.

    Music, music works too! 

  • the only solution that ever works for us: invite people over. we end up cleaning really well both before and after.
  • Love this idea!! Been wanting to invite friends over but cleaning has stopped me. Never thought about it the other way around.
  • I have a cleaning schedule I stick to.

    Monday-dust and vacuum



    Thursday-misc (sort through the mail, vacuum again, etc)

    Friday-grocery shop and meal plan

    Sunday-laundry and all things pup related


    Every evening I do the dishes after dinner. Before bed, I pick up the living room and move any stray dishes to the kitchen. 

    My cleaning takes about 20-30 minutes in the evening. It's nothing over whelming. 

  • Do a little at a time, Try do do stuff as you go, i.e. when you use something put it away right away, if you take clothes from the dryer, fold and put them away. I usually try to take 30 min a day to do a little cleaning such as the bathroom, sweeping, etc. This way I'm not doing a big clean once a week.
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