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how many trays of food for 50 people?

~40 adults and 10 kids ranging 1-12 y/o.  This is my first time ever ordering food like this and I'm completely clueless. Thanks!

ETA - it's for around 3:30pm, if that makes a difference - weird time, I know, but the christening is at 2.

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Re: how many trays of food for 50 people?

  • nm - finally found it on the site's page... it says a full tray feeds 18-20.
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  • Just had DD's bday party on Sunday.  There were about 50 adults and 15 kids.  We had a tray of chicken francese, sausage & peppers, and eggplant parm.  Plus a tray of penne.  There was also a tray of roasted potatoes as a side as well as a salad.  We did end up having quite a bit of food left over.

    For the kids we had smaller trays with grilled cheese, fries, and chicken fingers.



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  • We had about 40 people and we did 6 trays (2 pastas, veggies, chicken, meatballs, eggplant parm) and a salad and we had leftovers from the trays.  I didn't order the salad from the cater b/c I thought there salad was to expensive.  I went to BJ's got one box of mixed greens, and a bag of pecans, and mandrian oranges.  I mixed that together and served with rasberry dressing.  It was a lot cheaper then buying a salad from the place I used and everyone loved it (no salad leftovers).  Just a thought incase the place you are using looks to have expensive salads.
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