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How many trays for 70 people?

I'm having a party with about 70 people.  How many full trays of food do I need in the chaffing dishes?  I have 6 chaffing dishes set up with 2 half trays in each and need to know how many trays of each dish I have to make.  I'm serving:  chicken marsala, flounder francese, beef brisket, penne vodka, broccoli, and potato with onion & parsnip.  I'm also making a lot of appetizers and dips. 

Re: How many trays for 70 people?

  • Hmm.  I guess about 70 chicken breasts, 50-70 servings each of the beef and flounder, 70-100 servings of penne and potato.  I would imagine you could fit 36 chicken breasts on a half tray (18 in a column, then another column).  Or  if they are all laid flat and not piled up, maybe eight.  Wow, that is a lot of variance.  Are you cooking all this yourself?  (If not, can you ask the caterer how many serving trays you will need?)

    Ok, so with the starches, I think a half tray can hold 12 servings, maybe 18  if it's a deep tray or piled high.  The chicken will probably depend on how tight you want to pack it.  If they are all smothered in sauce before you put them in the tray, you can pack them tighter and the sauce will still be between them.  If you just pour the sauce on after you put them in the tray, they have to be spread out in order to get sauce. 

    The flounder will probably be in fillets like the chicken, so a similar setup.  The beef I don't know about, will it all be chopped up and spooned out of the tray like stew, or will the portions be set, with each person taking one big piece?

    Also, can you just get 12 trays to fill the chafers and keep the rest of the food in foil roasters (they sell these semi-disposable foil dishes in my supermarket in the baking aisle or with the kitchen utensils) in the oven until it's time to replenish the chafers? 


    ds born may 2011
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