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M/S remedies and a WTF...

Not for nothing, but I thought M/S was suppose to get better when you hit the 2nd trimester - not 1000x worse.  Ugh.  I've had all day naseousness since around week 7, by week 11 I was not only naseous but also started gagging/dry heaving a lot.  Here I am at week 15 and now I am puking..what gives??  I called the Dr. on Monday (when I left work early after puking in the parking lot - first time I had puked all pregnancy) and she prescribed some anti-nasea meds (not Zofran)...not sure what it is.  I don't think they are doing anything and I think I may call back and see if there is something else she can prescribe.  Anybody have any suggestions on what to eat/drink and how often throughout the day to help me through this.  Do those "preggie pops" really work?  Any remedies are much appreciated.

We are suppose to be going to Vegas in 2 weeks but if this m/s keeps up the way it's been this week I may not be going :-(





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Re: M/S remedies and a WTF...

  • I had hyperemesis and my doctor had me on Zofran, Vit b6 and Unisom.  I was sick the entire pg.  I hope you feel better soon!

    Preggie pops helped somewhat ( I only liked the lemon and raspberry flavors), lemon gum, peppermint candy, fresh lemonade, animal crackers, oyster crackers, popcorn are all things I snacked on. 

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  • I am so sorry that your m/s is getting worse in the second trimester. I am still having bouts of m/s myself and have found that eating bland food and drinking a lot of water helps me. I also eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day rather than three large meals.

    To help with the nausea, I had lemon drops and preggie pop drops and they have been lifesavers for me at times when I thought I was going to throw up but ended up keeping it down with the help of those candies.

    I hope it starts to get better for you soon.

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  • Mine has been pretty bad this week...I can't imagine it getting worse and worse into second tri :(

    Water is pretty much a no go for me now as well are most foods.  I'm eating what sounds good, but the one thing that helps a little is sucking on something.  I have a bunch of different hard candies and it does help the nausea while I'm eating them.  I'm also on Zofran which is not helping at all this week and I'm adding back in B6 to see if that makes any difference.

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