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Kidney kitty- knowing when it's time

Sometimes lurker here, and I'd gotten great advice a while ago re. trying subcu fluids for my 17yo kidney kitty.

For the past several months she's had a great quality of life, but it's gone dramatically downhill fast. I could go on with the list, but the main thing is she had a seizure tonight, and she's no longer moving off of her bed. She's very restless and keeps getting up and circling around, but not walking around at all. Her numbers were horrible 6 months ago, and they were amazed at how well she was doing then.

I'm heartbroken- I've lost 2 other kitties over the years, but I've never had to make "the" decision.

I've always heard that you know when it is time. How can I make that call?

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Re: Kidney kitty- knowing when it's time

  • First of all, I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. My sweet 13 year old kitty had kidney failure 2.5 years ago. She was dry heaving, peeing constantly and not eating. It all happened pretty quickly. The vet told us that we could get dialysis for her but that the closest cat dialysis center was 2.5 hours away. After she got some fluids I took her home for one last night and hoped like crazy that she would magically improve, but she didn't. You ask how you know? You just do. It was by far the hardest thing I've ever done, but  I needed to let her go.

    So you'll know. Again, I'm so sorry.

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  • I don't have any advice.  I just wanted to say I'm sending T&P to you and your kitty.

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  • Do you have her on any meds?  I have a almost 17 y/o kitty in chronic renal failure and she was in the same shape it sounds like yours is in.  She was very lethargic and would have what seemed like small seizures.  We took her in and her numbers were horrible-8 months earlier they were fine.

    The vet put her on Azodyl and Epikatin, but you don't need a prescription for either.  They are all natural supplements and I buy them off Amazon...about half the price as what I paid at the vet.  She has been doing so well on them (although her numbers never got back to "normal" she feels 100x better)

    And I have often wondered when to call it quits-but I trust that she will let me know.  I don't care what her numbers are, as long as she feels good.  I also know that we have done everything can for her, so now it's up to her.  Good luck, many good thoughts and prayers to you and your kitty. 



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