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Ashton-Two and A Half Men

When they are singing at the beginning, he seems so totally creepy.  Like he's on the sex offender registry in the 'bu creepy.

image image

Re: Ashton-Two and A Half Men

  • I hate his hair... it so gross.  If he would cut it, he would look way less creepy, IMHO.
    Happily Mrs. C
  • Funny enough, just the other day I was thinking the same thing. They should really just cancel the show. I was watching the other day and it is just sad and boring.
  • I agree he looks creepy in the title. And I've figured out what is wrong with this show now that they have brought in Ashton instead of Charlie.

    Before Charlie was an ass when it came to women and Alan was more of a schmuck. Now with Ashton being a nice guy, it makes Alan look like even more of an idiot and the dynamic - therefore the funny - just isn't there anymore.

    I hate to say it but this one has jumped the shark. 

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  • I was just telling H that it's time to end this show.  Ashton's character does not bring the funny like Charlie's did. 
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  • I still think the show would have had a better chance if Alan's ex wife husband moved into the house because they were having maritial issues.
  • Ashton needs a good hair cut and shave, that's for sure. I never like Two and a Half Men that much, but it's worse now. 
  • Ashton doesn?t do justice to the pivotal role played by Charlie Sheen. There is this spark missing between Ashton and Alan, which was very evident when Charlie was in the show. Now the show sucks. It?s time that they called it off.
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