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Update on Riley...Long, sorry

Thank you all for your T&P last night!  I just talked to my mom to get an update on Riley.

They took him to the regular vet first thing this morning.  They are working on the assumption (from both the e-vet and the regular vet) that he was bitten by something poisenous, either a spider or a snake.  The wound is draining, and they have to keep it uncovered while it drains.  So, they have to keep an eye on him and clean off the drainage as necessary.  My mom said he has a huge bruise on his side from all the blood rushing to that spot trying to push out the venom. 

He is on heavy antibiotics, and must stay on them until the wound stops draining, which the vet said could take several weeks.  He is also on what the vet calls "Doggy Aspirin" (?) to help control his pain.  Mom said he just lays there, lifting his head up to see what's going on, but has no energy to do anything. 

She said it broke her heart last night when it was time to go to bed.  When they go to bed, he usually runs ahead of them and waits at the top of the stairs.  My dad was going to go upstairs to get ready for bed then come back down and sleep on the couch so Riley didn't have to do the stairs (he has a bed in between the livingroom and kitchen).  Well, aparently Riley followed them halfway up the stairs, to the landing.  And he just looked at them like, "I want to come with you, but I'm just to tired."  My mom said she told him, "Riley, it's okay.  You can go back downstairs.  Daddy's going to come down and sleep with you.  But if you want to come up, it's okay.  I know you can do it if you try."  She said all the sudden Riley got this "look of determination" (her words) in his eyes and very slowly and steadily climbed the rest of the stairs.  She said it was so sad seeing him like that!

So, that's the update.  Sorry it got a little long.

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Re: Update on Riley...Long, sorry

  • I hope that once his wound is drained he starts to feel better! Poor guy!
  • What a brave boy!! Not gonna lie, the part about him climbing the stairs got me a little choked up.

    I hope from here on out that he has a smooth and uncomplicated recovery. Venomous bites can be so tricky! My cousin had to have a chunk scraped out of her leg where a spider bit her (just a small chunk, she's not horribly scarred or anything).

    I hope Riley's recovery is speedy and he gets his energy back soon!

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  • I was just getting caught up on the story, I am so sorry that Riley is hurting.  Lots of T&Ps for a quick recovery.
    image Yup, he was born that way. Doug's Blog
  • Thanks ladies!  I told my mom to give him lots of hugs and kisses from me.  I'll try to keep you updated if anything new comes up.
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    **TTC Buddies with agladhill**


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