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Kim K Divorce


Re: Kim K Divorce

  • It was obvious there were big problems right before they got married. I think the Mom pushed them forward to make sure they got the payday.  I would have given them a year tops.  I think this wedding was more about the Mom than Kim. I can't believe they labeled it a Kardashian event. Its like the guy didn't even exist. There was nothing about them that fit together. I think he was in it for the 15 minutes of fame.
  • She is officially the most ridiculous person on the planet.
  • I felt from the very beginning that this wasn't real.  And the vibe I got from the proposal, wedding, etc just wasn't a good one.  I loved the Khloe and Lamar wedding and will watch it any time it's on and actually felt that they really cared about each other even though it all happened so fast.  I never believed Kim and kris were real.  What a crock...
  • I don't think their wedding or relationship was staged. I just think Kim is an attention-hungry famewhore who got way too caught up in planning a glamorous wedding to realize she was not marrying the right person. The Kardashians made a tone of money last year and just released their clothing line... I don't think Kim needed to fake a marriage to stay relevant.

    I personally think she is way too selfish to be married to anyone unless said husband is willing to be a doormat.  

  • WOW! I thought they'd have a baby first.
  • Not surprised at all.  IMO this wedding was a publicity stunt.  I know she wanted to be the bride, have the day, make it all about her and collect on broadcasting it and all.  Just don't think she realized that the marriage was part of the wedding package.
  • I never thought that they would stay together forever, but I at least thought that they would have a few years together and have a baby before they divorced.
  • What a waste of 10 mil!!!!!! That money could have went to charity. I'm not surprised at all. On the wedding special the way she was treating Kris I knew it wouldn't have lasted even a year.
  • image askmetostay:
    i think khloe is the only smart one.

    I definitely think she's the only one out of all who puts her husband first.  Including Kris!

  • I read somewhere (I think the Yahoo article?) that said she and Kris have made about $78 million off of their wedding.

    If someone offered me almost $40 million to fake a wedding and 2 months of marriage, I'd do it. 

  • I dont think the whole thing was a publicity stunt, I just think she is incredibly stupid and so is he. 
    image Lilypie Second Birthday tickers
  • I also think that  this has got nothing with publicity. She is stupid and hence made a decision to get married. 


  • Complete waste of time and money. I saw it and I was about to post it too.
  • I don't believe Kris Jenner's statements that they didn't make any money off of the wedding other than their usual E salaries and some money for selling pictures. Everything they do is a production intended to make money. Why would they label the wedding a "Kardashian event"?

    I also don't understand that she won't be returning the wedding presents but will be donating 200K to charity. Since when is that the proper etiquette? 

  • image festivegal2008:

    image askmetostay:
    i think khloe is the only smart one.

    I definitely think she's the only one out of all who puts her husband first.  Including Kris!

    I think Kourtney is smart too...not just marrying Scott because she knows it wouldn't work out.

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