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FFC - pregnancy related...

I don't think I've complained at all except to DH about my pregnancy.  I keep it to myself because I know that there are women out there who would take the worse pregnancy ever just to have a baby.  I've been where they are, TTC for 15+ months and having a m/c in that time.  I'm still not out of the woods with this one.  But the dry heaving/gagging and always feeling naseous that I thought would subside since I hit the second trimester has actually gotten worse, the trouble sleeping because I'm paranoid that I'll end up sleeping on my back and the cramps I get in my hips and legs when sleeping on my all sucks.  All my friends who said they loved being pregnant, yeah I don't love it.  I mean I wouldn't want it any other way because of the wonderful outcome it brings, but I hate to say it, pregnancy is no fun.  I feel guilty even saying that.

Please tell me I'm not alone.



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Re: FFC - pregnancy related...

  • You're definitely not alone.  I loved being pregnant but it was such an easy pregnancy, I would say more often than not pregnancy is not fun.
    After 20 months, 5 IUIs, PCOS, Endo and IVF, our baby is here! Full IF history in blog
    ~Life After Infertility~
  • You are not alone! Seriously, I am about to rip my hair out. Pregnancy is magical, beautiful and all that but sometimes it sucks. It isn't that you don't want to be pregnant it just stinks being uncomfortable all.the.time. I love my baby already SO much, as I am sure you do but we all have rough days when you can't wait until your done.
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  • You are definitely not alone. I hated being PG, I had terribe m/s til 20 weeks, and then I had awful back pain, insomnia and really painful BH contractions til the end. It was the worst. I felt awful complaining about it but yeah it sucked! We are now TTC #2 and I have to say I am looking forward to another baby, but I am NOT looking forward to being PG again. Isn't that awful??
  • Sleep however you're comfortable for now, its still early so your body will tell you when its not ok to sleep on your back.

    ((hugs)) I hope you start to get some relief soon!

  • You're definitely not alone. And being honest about how pregnancy can suck doesn't mean that you're not grateful for being pregnant. Being uncomfortable and hormonal 24/7 sucks.
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  • I hated every single effing second of being pregnant. To the point that I did not want to have to go through it again but I also did not want D to be an only child. You want a child so badly and you do what you have to do to have that child. But no one says that b/c of that it is easy or fun. I would just always tell myself that pregnancy is 40 wks of misery for a lifetime of happiness and rewards. It'll be over before you know it and then you will be sleep deprived and aching for other reasons lol but it is so worth it. Just hang in there.
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  • I also hated being pg.  I had hyperemisis thru second tri and then had such bad acid reflux that I couldnt lay down to sleep and I couldnt eat anything after 4 pm.  I used to vomit in my sleep, I had terrible back pain, I could go on and on.    You're not the only one and its ok to complain.   I'm afraid to do it again  Embarrassed
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  • Definitely not alone. I hated being pregnant in the 1st tri, loved it in the 2nd tri, and then disliked it in the 3rd tri.
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  • You are definitely not alone.  I took zofran for nausea until the day F was born and was in pain all the time from my pelvis and acid reflux.  I didn't enjoy it at all, that doesn't change hoe happy I am to have my son and how much I love him.
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