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Quick question about cat foaming at mouth

I just brought home two new foster cats.  Both are adults.

One has crystals in his bladder.  He's on special SD food to help dissolve them so he hopefully won't need surgery.  I was given strict instructions to ensure he eats no food other than his prescription food.  No problem!  

Well, here's where I goofed I guess.  I put some cat nip on the kitty condo I bought for him.  He ate it and started foaming like crazy.  I cleaned him up and immediately vacuumed up all catnip on the condo.  It only lasted about 30 seconds, and he's acting fine.  I read online that I shouldn't be concerned as long as it lasted no longer than about 30 seconds, and was clearly the result of some mouth irritation.  I keep thinking, "duh, I should have thought about him eating catnip," but it's so routine for my other cats to get catnip on their condos, that I didn't even think about it.  Time to be more careful.

If any of you ladies have had cats on this special SD prescription food (feline Dissolution?), are there any other things that I need to be careful not to do with him?  I'm assuming the diet may be a cause for the foaming - or perhaps he just didn't like the catnip!  Thanks! 

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Re: Quick question about cat foaming at mouth

  • Catnip causes my SILs cat to foamy drool. I bet that was all it was. They get a type of high almost from the catnip. It isn't harmful that I know of.
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