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What's on your pet's (or pets') wishlist(s)?

I know it's not even Halloween yet, but I like to start my shopping early. We don't get the furs much (they don't *need* anything), but they do all have a little stocking that we put gifties in for them.

Who wants to play?

Napoleon would love anything edible. We'll probably get him some special cans of wet food.

Leo's wish is that Miss Bianca can stay and be his girlfriend forever and ever. Since that's not happening, we'll get him some Pawbreakers catnip balls. He'd also really love a cat tree, but the one we're looking at isn't quite in the budget yet.

Bently wants snow, and lots of it. He had a blast romping in the snow last year. And he loves antlers, so I'm hoping the family's hunting trips this season are successful.

Petey just wants his daddy to build lots of fires so he can enjoy the warm fireplace. He'll also get some antlers.


Re: What's on your pet's (or pets') wishlist(s)?

  • She wants a new collar because G has started to shred hers. I looked yesterday but the boutique I went to didn't have cute martingale styles in size M.

    They are both getting those Dogswell packaged treats from Santa Paws.

    Fires- P loves fires! I am not sure how G will like them. 

    Love the idea of antlers- G broke what P had in half so I had to toss because the pieces were too small. I will look for some big ones for him. 

  • Mister's WISH list is anything edible. What he's getting for Christmas is a new bed and maybe a crate pad. Santa might bring him something tasty, though :)

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  • B's wish list includes this Molly Mutt bed, and matching crate cover.


    He'd also want antlers if he didn't just get a bunch of new ones. He also wants a new collar if I can make up my mind of which one I like best... 

  • Scamp and Sammy would probably love a cat tree in their room so they don't have to resort to leaping up on the dressers to see out the window. Also, more PINK toys! LOL! They will go nuts for their plain little pink mice, and barely take notice of the animal print ones they have, even though those have catnip in them.

    Zoey would love a nice new big-girl collar (she's almost grown out of the plain black one we got her as a little puppy!), and probably a pile of antlers. Bully sticks, while tasty, can be devoured in a sitting...and not a long one. Oh yeah, those adult teeth have some mega chewing power behind them!

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  • Paisley wants anything she can eat, chew, or squeak. She's going to get bully sticks and probably a new collar/leash set. 
  • Oh dear my guys wishlist is massive...but they are gonna have to go kind of light this Christmas because with Maverick coming, money is already very this horrid drought has cost us far more for hay to keep everyone fed than we really could have ever afforded. Most guys out here have sold off many if not all their cattle & horses because there is no food. :-(

    Anyway! Wishlist:

    Yankee: New heavy winter blanket. He's a very hard keeper and looses so much weight during the winter trying to keep warm. He's got a lighter winter blanket but he keeps tearing it so a new one would be fantastic.

    Twitch & Rusty: More stuffed pumpkins! On holidays they get pumpkins stuffed with apples, carrots, oatmeal, molasses & sweet feed.

    Gryphon, Creek & Rufus - Dog treats and a whole bunch of new toys! Creek also needs a new jacket. She's such a typical bird dog and doesn't have an ounce of fat on her. She gets cold so easily. She has a doggy sweatshirt that works great but it's a pain to put on because you have to put her legs through it. I want to get her one of the ones thats like a horse blanket.

    Cats - Their wet food holiday dinner. Usually they only have dry food so any time they get wet food it's a special treat. Hope's wishlist is for a wheelchair in a few months so she can get around! Chip wants a home of his own where he can be spoiled rotten :-)

    Sammy - New home-made toys & his holiday pinata.  He gets a small birdy sized one stuffed with all his favorite foods & toys.

     That's about it. The turtles, ducks & tarantula don't have a wish list really


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