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Dog having accidents in the house

Just wanted to get some thoughts on this:

Already have a 5 year old male rat terrier mix. Adopted a 6 month old female pit mix a month ago.

The pit is still having difficulty with not peeing and pooping in the house. It is not a medical issue as she can hold it all night and during the day when she is in her crate. But when she is out of the crate, unless I let her out every hour or two, she is going in the house.

BF thinks she is trying to go for dominance over my male dog. She has shown other characteristics of this at times (stands over him, tries to drink out of the bowl first, tries to get pet first). So is BF right, or are there any other thoughts as to what is causing this? Oh, and yes, when she goes outside she gets a small treat as a reward.

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Re: Dog having accidents in the house

  • It's possible your dog could be trying to exert dominance over the other one. However, I would check with your vet, too. Bladder infections and other conditions can cause dogs to urinate more frequently and have accidents.
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