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Just checking in.  How are you feeling?  When is your anatomy scan?  I'm doing ok.  I think my m/s has subsided a little which is a good thing.  I have definitely popped too over the last week and maternity pants have been the best..haha.  I can still squeeze into my own tops, but I'm sure that will eventually not be the case.  My anatomy scan is scheduled for Nov. 23rd - i'll be 18 weeks so hopefully they will see everything they need to see at that point.  Other then that, I'm trying not to read into every little ache and pain and Nov. 23rd can't get here soon enough!


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Re: **lawby2005**

  • Hey Jessica! I started responding to this text and then got called into a meeting. Anyhoo, glad to hear that you and LO are doing ok. I too go through overreading the aches and pains, I just came from our medical office here because I could barely walk after lunch but the office was closed and 5 minutes later, I am feeling better. Hmmm. I hope your A/S goes well. Mine is on Nov 18. We saw LO last week and it was so miraculous seeing my little boy. I am already so in love.

    Are you having cravings? Thats what everyone asks me but I have none instead, no food tastes right STILL! I just want to enjoy something, anything again! Thanks for checking in. I am so happy we are both on our way on this beautiful journey.

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  • I'm glad the pains went away!  I will be on my way to Vegas on the 18th (one of last trips before baby comes) so if you put an A/S update up here and I don't respond don't think I'm not thinking of you :-).  I hope all goes perfectly! 

    I don't really have cravings, but I have no problem eating...hahaha.  I really wish I could eat a turkey sub from wawa with extra mayo...but alas I am really trying my best to stay away from deli meats.

    Talk to you soon!


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