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Meeting new married (or not) friends

Hey everyone! This is my first time on the nest, just got married a few weeks ago! Just wanted to say hello as I read around the various posts and what not. So, after our wedding, my husband and I recapped the weeks leading up to the day/evening of our wedding, and realized that some of our friends (or rather, some of our wedding party!) just aren't acting in ways we find attractive anymore. 5 years ago a friendship was built on drinking beer in college and going to football games, but now we are looking for more mature relationships, and while some of our friends are on the some page, the others are not (and have expressed to us they still wish we were acting in the same manner we were 5 years ago -- hello, we are married and have full time jobs -- we just can't drink like a fish every weekend and count that as "quality" friend time!). Has anyone experienced a similar problem? And, as weird as it sounds, how does one go about finding "new" friends without having to take out a creepy Craiglist ad Lol!? Thanks so much :-) I look forward to chatting with you all!


Re: Meeting new married (or not) friends

  • I think you have to compromise both ways if you want to keep a relationship with the friends you have now.  Invite them to events where the college life isn't prevalent, but still hit up a tailgate with them one or two weekends during football season.  It doesn't have to be all one or all the other.

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  • Congrats on getting married and welcome! 

    It definitely is awkward to be in a different phase than your friends.  I never was big on the party scene anyway. I resented one of my friends that went out drinking Fridays and Saturdays and then complained about never having any money.  Luckily, she's grown up since then and we enjoy coffee outings and meeting up to walk our dogs.  Hopefully your friends will come around as well.

    Otherwise, if you have a pet, they're a great way to meet people (not that I advocate getting a pet just to make friends).  If you're religious, church is where we've made some friends as well.  Also, we socialize with a few of DH's co-workers. I also like PP's suggestion of compromising activities.  Even though we're not partiers, we still enjoy a good tailgate.


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