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S/O cold weather; preparing for it

I think I was scarred for life by the ice storm a couple of years ago, lol.  I was lucky to live with my dad at the time who has 2 fireplaces in his house so we coped with having no electricity for 8 days (I know many other people who had it a LOT worse but that sucked!) and I had warmth at work also. 

Now that DH and I are living here though, we don't know many people in the area or anyone we could go stay with if something like that happened again.  Plus, DH would be required to stay here, work, and help in emergency situations.   

So lately I've been trying to prepare for the winter and think of everything we might need if that ever happened again and we couldn't leave.  We have tons of blankets, a couple of flashlights and candles, stocked up on canned goods, and have a gas powered stove. 

Am I missing anything else?  Do you all prepare for situations like this?  Hopefully we'll never have to endure something that again, but I'd rather be safe than sorry!


Re: S/O cold weather; preparing for it

  • I'm not good at preparing for things like that, but I definatly think it is good to be prepared.  There have been multiple ice storms here in the past, but I think the one a couple of years ago was the worse. 

       I would check anything that uses gas to see if it is ok to be used inside.  Some of them let off gases that are bad to have in a closed area.  I would try to have some of the pavement salt and a first aid kit. You can also get those hand warmers that you crack and shake up and put in pockets.

  • Bottled water and cash.  Because when that ice storm hit and everyone needed gas to get the heck outta here, none of the gas stations had the ability to accept credit or debit cards.  Cash is the biggest lesson I learned from that.
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  • I think everyone's hit on the biggies.  Having a fireplace was on DH's must have list when we were house shopping just because of the '03 ice storm. Make sure you have either a manual can opener or have pop tab cans. Also, even if you have gas for cooking, don't stock up on refrigerated or frozen meats. No electricity = no refrigerator or can opener.

    FWIW, every year we seem to learn from previous years. the one a few years ago wasn't as bad as it could have been because of the '03 storm.  Hopefully we keep learning! Props for being pro-active though!


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  • Thanks for the tips!  These are great suggestions and ones I hadn't thought of yet.

    We have manual can openers and such which is good.  I'm not stocked up on water though which I probably should do as well. 

    I had completely forgotten about the gas stations/credit cards also.  Luckily, at the time I had my tank completely full and was able to drive to and from work for the rest of the week.  I usually rely on cards for everything so I'll definitely keep some cash on hand now just in case. 

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