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New Grad RN Resume Question

I'm writing my resume to start applying for RN jobs and have a basic, one-page resume with clinical experience and relevant past job experience listed. I asked the career counselor at my school about resumes, and she stated I should list all job responsibilities from each job including clinicals, even if this takes up pages and pages (which mine would). 

Is this really necessary? I'm applying internally to a healthcare system I already work for, and they know exactly what my current job entails and should know what my past job titles mean (medical assistant, EMT, etc) as it's a massive system.  It seems like this would make my resume look sloppy and unwieldy, though her examples were all 1 page long (though they were for new grads with no previous experience).

What would you do? One page basic resume or multi-page monstrosity? 

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Re: New Grad RN Resume Question

  • I'd stick with a one page resume.  My new grad resume listed most of my clinical sites (just to highlight the variety of places my school had us do clinicals at), but I didn't list every detail about them.  I gave more detail after my senior capstone clinical because I spent 40 hours/week for a month in the field for that one.  At the very most, go on to a 2nd page.  Any more than that is overkill IMO.   

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  • My best friend is HR for a medium sized company. It's not health care, but she's in charge of hiring/interviews and has said to me many times that she'll pretty much overlook any resume going on for pages and pages. Often, it's not the resume that sells her, it's the interview. A resume is a brief explanation or intro so I would say keep it short and sweet. Good luck on the interview!
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  • no, one page for sure. the recruiters/managers won't read a multi-page resume from a new grad. keep it simple. for instance, this is the job description for my ER tech job that I had while I was in school:

    "XXX Health Center, XXX, TX                                                              this date to that date

    Emergency Room Technician

    ?         Assisted healthcare professionals in the care and treatment of emergency room patients

    ?         Responsible for carrying out delegated tasks

    ?         Remained calm and professional in critical incidents"


    and for a related disaster volunteer experience:


    "Hurricane Relief, XXX, TX                                      the other date


    ?         Assisted evacuees relocated to XXX

    ?         Performed wound care and provided for basic medical needs and ADLs

    ?         Oriented and supported evacuees in new surroundings

    ?         Organized equipment and supplies"


    I kept it pretty simple. my first section is "related experience," i.e. my healthcare-related jobs. my second section was my license and certifications: RN license with the license number, my BLS certification and expiration date, my ACLS certification and expiration date. my third section is my education, so my degrees and my GPAs (put your GPA--if it's a good one--on your resume for your first job only. after the first job, no one cares about your GPA). the next section was "other experience." that's where I put that disaster experience and a couple of other jobs I had in college that gave applicable experience--I was an RA (so it showed customer service and the ability to manage several people at once) and I was a leader in a student organization (showed leadership skills). I just put extremely concise duties. the last section is my honors and memberships, like Sigma Theta Tau.

    it is all on one page. each individual job or experience has no more than 4 bullets after it.


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  • I graduated in April. I've applied for about 7 jobs and received calls for 4 of them and currently hold two positions. My resume is three pages in total. First page is a cover letter, second page which is the bulk of the resume has objective, summary of qualifications, then work experience, and practicum experience, my third page is a list of education, licencses, certificates and references. I used a template that my university gave to us.

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