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Headboard and Bed Frame vs. A Bed, Headboard, Footboard and Slats/Railing...

I'm doing a little shopping for the future Mr. & Mrs. headquarters and was wondering what were the pros and cons are with a headboard and frame versus the full on bed.  Does one provide more space that the other? Is it harder to find matching pieces to go with the headboard as most beds have a collection. Any information would really help.
Mommy's Little Muscle Man!


Re: Headboard and Bed Frame vs. A Bed, Headboard, Footboard and Slats/Railing...

  • It is just a preference. I don't feel there is anymore space with either one.
  • Definitely a personal preference.  When me and H bought our first home, we did the whole "bed set" thing with a full matching set from Ethan Allen.

    Still love it, but if I were going to redo it, I would probably go the headboard route and piece it together with unique, coordinating pieces.  No real reason except that I've become a lot less "matchy-matchy" as I've gotten older.  My style preferences have changed to more contemporary versus the traditional.

    Don't think the amount of space would be significant one way or another unless you have a frame that is gigantic.  My friend has a MASSIVE footboard that eats up a ton of space.

  • I used metal side rails to convert my bed from a double to a queen for a while (the bed was made to be adjustable, my parents just didn't buy the queen wood rails when they bought the bed for me).  I hated that every time I pulled back the bedding that I could see metal rails rather than the nice wood rails that were supposed to be there.  I'm not sure if frames would look like that, but if they did, I'd want a regular bed.  Also, if I had bedding where I could see under the bed, I wouldn't want metal frame feet down there.  One of my beds from Overstock has extra metal feet, and I don't like that they sort of peek out from under the bedding on the sides.  Those are the only differences I can think of.  Are frames usually lower?  I can't think of a frame bed that I've looked at that isn't pretty low to the ground.  I like a higher bed with more space between the mattress and floor (easier to clean and retrieve things).  I might consider that too.
  • We have a headboard with side rails and a low profile foot board in our master bedroom and in our guestroom we just have metals rails with a homemade headboard. I think our master looks a little more "finished" but it's just personal perferences. Our foot board does not take up that more space either. 
  • I like having the whole bed deal. I hate the headboard bed frame thing. Because the stupid blankets fall off the end of the bed and it just didn't seem as sturdy to me. 
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