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Has anyone ever stayed in Dubuque? Any recommendations for hotels with bars and restaurants in walking distance? How is the aquarium?  We are thinking about going for our anniversary.  There is also a really cool fall foliage river tour serving lunch.  Any other recommendations? 

Re: Dubuque?


    Years ago, DH, Son and I went up for an overnight stay to visit the Mississippi Museum (or whatever it's called).  I decided we'd just stay as cheaply as possible and found this hotel.  I put no research into this.  It was less than 40 bucks and was not a motel so I figured it was fine.  I'm not a motel kind of girl.

    It was a creepy extended-stay kind of place.  The doors to the hotel rooms had plantation shutters that ran the length of the door and they did not lock.  Our bathroom had another door at the other end that led into another room and had been boarded up.  DH stayed awake all night because I was freaked out.  I cannot remember why we didn't just turn right around and go to the Holiday Inn.

    This hotel is the reason I'll only stay at a name-brand place no matter the distance to our desired locations.

    Anyway, the museum/aquarium was pretty cool.  If I remember correctly we spent a good half a day there.  This was in 2006, so I'd like to think they've made it bigger/better.  I recommend.

    Son has been to Grand Harbor Resort and Waterpark and had a good time if you're into that.  It might be a little too kid-focused though.

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  • No hotel recommendations. But made a day trip to Dubuque from Ames in college... long before I knew I'd settle in the midwest! Yes, I had crazy road trips in college. And this was before the museum and water park opened, so I'm sure Dubuque is more fun now. I thought the elevator was cute!

    FYI- Don't speed in Dubuque County. Got my first speeding ticket there. Angry

  • I've driven through plenty of times but never stopped for too long. My parents have been to the museum and said it was really nice. One of my friends said the casino is pretty cool there. That's about all I know.
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