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How long does it take for a personal check to clear?

If I deposit a personal check from an outside bank to my bank, does it take about 3 days to clear? I cant remember

Re: How long does it take for a personal check to clear?

  • That sounds about right.  However, sometimes checks at work bounce and we don't hear anything for about a week.
  • I think our bank takes 2-3 business days.
  • It's going to depend whether that bank and your bank are local or non-local... which means if they both go through the same federal reserve bank region. (Just because they are located near each other doesn't mean that they are.) For local banks, your check shouldn't take more than 2 business days to clear after it is deposited. For non-local, it shouldn't take longer than 5 business days. Minimum time... it could clear in one day if they send it electronically. Wow, sorry that was lengthy. lol
  • It can take a few days, depending on your bank. ?My bank has signs up that say that all deposits made before the close of business that day are credited on the next business day. ?One trick I learned (but haven't tried in years, so I don't know if it still works), is that if you need a little bit of the money right away ($100 or less), you can go into the bank, fill out a deposit slip, and say you want $100 cash taken out of the deposit. ?They give you the cash and you can just keep it as cash, or you can then make a cash deposit, which posts right away. ?The bank that I use now must have had an annoyingly large number of people do that, because the first $100 of all deposits gets credited right away. ?HTH
  • It will never take more than 10 days. ?The best thing to do if you ever receive a ck from an outside bank is to actually cash the ck directly from that bank and deposit the cash in your account. ?If it's feasible!


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