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New Orleans attire in February during Mardi Gras?


 We are traveling to New Orleans in February 2012 for Mardi Gras.  What is the weather like during the day and night and what do you recommend in terms of attire?  We are attending both the parades during the day and the nightlife during the night.  Do women usually get dressed up in sundresses in the daytime and club dresses in the nighttime?  Will the temperature be too cold for short dresses and bare shoulders during this time of year?  I have heard to wear flats due to the cobble streets already :)



Re: New Orleans attire in February during Mardi Gras?

  • Our weather here is very so really changes throughout the day. I would say bring a set of hot weather clothes, and a set of cold weather clothes to be safe. Also, definitely wear flats! Thats a MUST! Hope this helps! :)
  • I think it will be too cold for sun dresses.  Normally for Mardi Gras, I wear jeans and either t-shirts or sweaters. It's very much an "anything goes" city, particularly around Mardi Gras, so you'll see all kinds of stuff.  But for general parade-going, you will want to be comfortable.  In terms of nighttime, our restaurants are pretty casual, particularly  for MG, but you should check with them on dress code just to be safe.  You may need to bring something a little nicer depending on where you're eating.
  • I would say jeans and t-shirts would be good. Layer your clothes. Sometimes it's cool and then it can quickly change to warm and back again. If you're going to do Bourbon St, whether it's day or night, I would say there is no need to change your attire. It's really a mess of drunk people and no one is going to care whether you're wearing a cute dress or not. Comfy shoes are a must! 
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  • Last year I wore jeans, a t-shirt with a sweatshirt on top and tennis shoes.  You don't want to wear any type of clothes that you really care about. Things tend to get spilled.

    Have fun!

  • I agree that the weather during Mardi Gras is really anyone's guess.  Just a tough time of year to predict.  I have done Mardi Gras daytime parades in tank tops/flip flops...and also in jackets, hats, mittens, the works.  Your best bet will probably be to pack a variety of items and to check the weather a day or two before you are leaving to see what you might be dealing with. 

    Aside from costuming, which is always fun, I would not worry about looking 'cute''ll mostly want to be comfy so you can roam and wander.  Also, on Mardi Gras day, I've eaten in one of the most upscale restaurants in the Quarter in my Mardi Gras duds...complete with gold sparkly leggings, go-go boots, feather boa, I think you don't need to worry about dress codes too much on that day either. 

    You'll have a great time!

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