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Possible move to Orlando- need help!

My family is considering a move to Orlando within the next year for an opportunity with my husbands career. We currently live in KY, and have two small children, 3 and 6. We LOVE Disney, so this is a potentially exciting move for us, but I am nervous about what I have been hearing about Orlando. Our children are in Catholic school right now, but we would be open to public school if they were highly rated. Can anyone recommend some good areas to look for housing? My husbands office would be close to the Orlando Executive Airport, but schools are a big consideration, as is staying out of the traffic. We would love to be close to Disney as well if possible. We like the idea of Celebration, and have visited, but not sure we couldn't get more house for our money elsewhere. We could spend up to about $350,000 for a home. Can anyone recommend areas for us to investigate as well as good catholic and private schools? We are planning a trip down in the next month or so, and would like to have things to set up to visit. It is so hard to try and figure out things not being familiar with anything except Disney! Thanks!

Re: Possible move to Orlando- need help!

  • When it comes to schools, Seminole County is a much better place to plant your roots than Orange County as they have much better schools. Orlando and the Executive Airport are both in Orange County. My H and I both work in Orange County, but we recently purchased a house in Seminole County as we were thinking about the future for when we have kids and what schools we'd want them to go to. I don't know much about the Celebration area, but I do know that Kissimmee and St. Cloud don't have good school systems at all but they're pretty close to Disney.

    The traffic around here is ridiculous.. mostly because in my opinion of the terrible traffic light set up. The cycles are for 3 minutes each and they're not in sync with the other lights. So you'll sit at one, then you'll sit at another and another and another.. there are days when it takes me 20 minutes to get to work and other days where it takes me 35 minutes. It all depends on how you hit the lights. If your H were to take the highway to work that's also hit or miss. I-4 can run smooth one day and be jammed the next. I-4 is also the only highway in this immediate area that doesn't charge tolls. If he were to take the 408, 417, etc.. on a daily basis he'd need a Sun Pass so he wouldn't stop and pay with cash/coins every single time.

    Other than the traffic, DH and I absolutely love living here! The weather is perfect and there's so much to do that we never get bored anymore. We moved down here from Connecticut a little over a year ago and can't imagine ever living up north again. GL on your house search!

  • I live in Winter Springs (part of Seminole County) and it is an amazing place for families!  I know I saw at least 4 high schools from Seminole on the list of top 500 in the country.  There is really no where else I'd rather be raising my baby!  And it was named one of the top 100 places to live by Money Magazine for small towns.

  • I responded to your post in "Buying a Home," but also wanted to mention that Montverde Academy is an excellent private school - kids come from all over the world (they also have boarding) to go to this school.



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  • Winter Springs or Ovideo would be right by 417 which is a toll road that can take you to the airport, it is still around 45 minutes depending on traffic. Celebration is going to be very crowded because it's right by 192 in Kissimmee. I grew up in Kissimmee and would never move back now! I live in Lake Mary now, which is nice and not too crowded. The schools are good. Bishop Moore is a private Catholic high school (obviously for when they are older). The schools aren't as highly rated in Orange County as Seminole County, but if you are looking for close locations the Lake Nona/Narcoosee area by 417 is right by the airport and a nice area.
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  • Actually Osceola county schools aren't bad.  It depends on your area but I went to A schools and my mother and a friend both teach at different A level schools.  Anyway, Seminole county is a lovely area,  I live in Altamonte Springs for the time being.  The schools in Seminole County, for the most part, are excellent.  We're planning on moving back to St. Cloud/Lake Nona area before kids come along so we can be closer to my family.  The nice thing about Central Florida is that I4, 408 417 all connect everything.  So Disney, your husband's job and home would all pretty much be within a 30 min drive depending on the time of day.  But I don't think you'll get your bang for your buck in Celebration.  My best friend grew up there and it wasn't all it's made out to be.
  • I second looking into the Oviedo/Winter Springs area. I've lived in both (currently in Winter Springs) and I love the area. As far as schools, there are great public schools, and Oviedo also has Master's Academy and Trinity Prep, both of which are religious-affiliated private schools. I'm pretty sure Master's Academy is Catholic, and Trinity probably is as well.
  • Thanks Ladies! We are headed down the first week in December to check things out. We are hoping to be able to be settled in FL before school begins next year, assuming we can sell our home. Can anyone recommend a good realtor? We are looking for someone who could spend some time with us, show up properties in different areas, talk to us about taxes in each county, homeowners insurance issues, basically pros and cons of areas?
  • I would recommend Baldwin Park or the nearby city of Winter Park.  They are both very close to the Executive airport, and the schools in those areas are highly rated.  I work for Orange County Public Schls.  You can always go to their website and type in the address of a house you are interested in to see what schools the location is districted for.


    As for a realtor, we love the one who sold us our house.  He is familiar with both Orange and Seminole counties, and tells it to you like it is.  Email me at kokomama11 (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like his name.

  • Celebration is the way to go!
  • I just relocated to Hunters Creek in Orlando due to my husband. Although I havent been here long, I must say that it is a nice area. It's a little more pricey when looking at the housing but I think its well worth it. You get what you  pay for. Its clean, it does get busy on the main roads during rush hour but that seems to be everywhere in Orlando. And the thing I love most, everything is close by, all shopping plazas, grocery, and schools. I heard the schools are great. My husband is a teacher at one of them. And its literally next door to Disney. And only about 20 minutes from the airport.
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  • Must check out Hunters Creek area in Orlando. Nice area, everything you need is nearby... banks, grocery stores, a shopping plaza.... its more pricey, but the housing out here is amazing. And it there can be traffic during rush hour on main roads but thats everywhere in Orlando. Plus, the schools in this area are good.


    (Sorry, I thought my first post didnt go through so now I have 2 instead of 1 lol)

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