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PIP of our house building

I don't think I have ever given an update on here for our house building. It is really coming along. I feel like its moving pretty fast, but mostly bc DH is kicking butt to get it sided and roofed before winter. I think once we get onto the inside and I can't "see" all the progress (electrical and all that fun stuff..ha), it will feel like its going slower.  Here are a few(okay alot!) pics to share.

 Basement (this was from July)


First floor and walls (august 9th)


September 7th - 2nd floor walls and trusses are set! :) One step closer.



Garage View




Top of the garage aka my closet!! EEEK! So excited! I dont even have that many clothes!


Standing in kitchen looking town to family room


behind carly is the entry way and  to the left is the walk in pantry and behind pantry is DH's office. And behind Carly to the right front of the house is their playroom. Most of it got cut off in this picture, but its a pretty big room. So excited that they will have their own toy space and it wont be in my family room!



And what would daddy do without his helpers.


Here is the barn. This got put on hold until we get house sided and roofed.


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Re: PIP of our house building

  • I can't wait until this is us!  Just 5 years and one deployment to go!
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  • Awesome!! I've enjoyed looking at them on FB!! Looks so big!
  • I love it!  I know we are hoping to build at some point...we have a little development in mind for where we want to build.  We have our down payment ready to go, just need the jobs!  SO exciting, how neat watching every step of the process!  Cannot wait to see your progress and see the finished house!

    BTW....are we friends on FB?  I thought we were but I haven't been seeing your pics on my news feed!

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  • Wow this is awesome, can't wait to see the final project!



    Face image
  • Love it. I can't believe how quickly everything is going up. Can I move it? lol If not, does your husband do work in the Cleveland area? I would love to build someday.
  • Kel - It feels bigger every day. When we had just the first floor on I was a little nervous that it was small. But now that more is done it feels huge to me.

     Ari - We are. :)

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  • Its so crazy to see how fast that stuff can happen....It looks awesome though!

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