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PSA Lunette cups 50% off clearance

They're in old packaging, so they're on clearance.  I'm buying one for a friend!

Twin boys due 7/25/12

Re: PSA Lunette cups 50% off clearance

  • Does anyone have a review of this? It seems that most people I've "talked" to on this board have a Diva Cup. Just wondering what people think.
  • I've been using the Lunette since 2008.  I used a Diva for 2006 and 2007, but it just didn't work right for my body, so I was only using it sporadically, never when I was away from the house, and I fully expected to have leaks.  I switched to the Lunette and found the silicone is much more flexible and the holes near the rim are bigger, so there's no suction now.  Overall, for me, the Lunette goes in easier and pops open with less resistance, and it stays down low where it's supposed to.  It still took a couple months for me to get the hang of it since I'd relied on tampons so much when I had the Diva, but now it's my primary product during AF. 

    I think Diva's just more available in local stores, whereas the Lunette is only at a few retailers and online, so people don't get to see it/squeeze it and are skeptical. 

    Years ago, there was a link called that did comprehensive reviews on six or seven different menstrual cups.  I'm on my work computer and not comfortable googling for that, but I'd recommend doing a search.

    Twin boys due 7/25/12
  • image CaseBride:
    Does anyone have a review of this? It seems that most people I've "talked" to on this board have a Diva Cup. Just wondering what people think.
    I think this is just b/c diva cups are available locally in stores, but the others are all ordered online.  From what i hear, it sounds like women who have used DC and another brand generally prefer the other brand (for various reasons, with size/ease of positioning among them), but DC is easier to get.  I'm happy with mine, but i have no comparison.
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  • I have one and love it. I googled and found some size comparisons. Based on using the Keeper for years and my idea of what my body shape/size is, I wanted one that was shorter but still had a large capacity.

    So I've been using the Lunette for 2 years and think it's great. But I've never used a Diva so I can't compare to that. I guess it's slightly easy to use than a Keeper, but that one was natural rubber and I used it so long that I didn't really have a learning curve to use the lunette.


    - Jena
  • Thanks for the heads up! Just bought one. Been using the Diva for a couple years and I find it a bit unreliable. Hoping I have less leaks with the Lunette.
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