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Hello Ladies!

I everyone...sorry I haven't been around much lately. My company fired someone in my dept at the beginning of August and it's been a mad scramble to figure stuff out and get all the extra work done. I was told by the manager who fired her that "it wasn't well thought out" before they let her go. Uhhh you think? It's been making me hate my job more and more everyday. It's just makes me realize that I don't get paid enough for the aggravation and stress.

In other news, FIL is trying to get DH and I to move and sell our house and use some of the insurance money from DH's brother's life insurance policy to make a significant down payment on a bigger house. DH and I are content, we like our house, and while it needs work, it fits us and where we are in life right now. Not knowing if we will ever have kids, I'm in no rush for a bigger house that we might not ever be able to fill. FIL doesn't seem to get this and can't seem to get it into his head that we don't want to move. Everyday he is sending us pics of houses for sale and asking us if we want to move. I know he is only trying to help and that he means well, but i just wish he would stop.

I guess that's all the news with me...sorry I rambled a bit. Hope you ladies are all doing well. I haven't been keeping up on here, I just haven't had the time, but let's hope that things calm down soon!


Re: Hello Ladies!

  • Don't you love it when work people do stuff and make it more difficult on everyone else!

    I'm sorry that your FIL is being a pain. I know that he probably just wants his son closer but if it is not something that you guys want then he needs to leave you alone. That would drive me crazy.

    Hopefully your work will calm down soon.

    It has been slow around here lately but I think everyone is crazy busy right now but we have FB so we can keep up with each other even if we can't get on here all the time :)

  • I hate it when someone leaves and you have to keep up with your work and then pick up their work also. That is tough. But hopefully things will get figured out soon.

    It sounds like you and YH need to sit FIL down and tell him everything you just said just let him know that right now is not a good time for you, you enjoy your house and do not want to get a bigger house. I am sure he will understand.

    Who let the dawgs out? image
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