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pet peeves?

what are your pet peeves?

Re: pet peeves?

  • 1. People that can't drive. They have no clue where they are going so they stop at every street to read the sign. Can't you google people.

    2. People that are turning to go to the school here in town. There have been times that they want to cut line so they just stop in the left lane to try to get in the turning lane and that backs everyone up. I have been known to lay on my horn and they usually move and have to turn around. That is what you get for trying to cut line and just not get in the back of the line, dummy.

    3. People at work who complain they are soooooo busy and make sure everyone knows about it but then they talk on the phone with their husband or family members all day long. If you are so busy then why do you have time to talk on the phone all day long. It is mostly for attention anyway.

    4. These girls who wear skirts that are so short that they might as well go naked. You might have the body for it but it is kinda trashy looking. I have seen young girls in shorts that show their butt cheeks and I wonder why their parents let them leave the house that way. These girls are not even 14.



  • When people ask me for my photography prices and reply with things like, "That's expensive!"

    It also drives me crazy when people continue having children and they are already on government assistance to feed the ones they have. Yes, I plan to have a big family; I also plan to feed them myself. Unexpected and tragic situations do occur. Refusing to use any method of birth control is not one of them though. This is even more irritating when the person is related to me!

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • one of my HS teachers once said she had a pet peeve of fully capable people not putting their cart in the cart return slot at stores....ever since, that has been mine too! haha.
  • Where do I begin...

    1. People who don't follow the rules of the road and when you are following the rules and they do something wrong they get mad at you!

    2. When the grocery store only has the 15 items or less line open and I have a cart full of groceries but feel bad because everyone behind me has 15 items or less! I let a few people go in front but I can't keep doing that, then the people get irritated at me but the store should open more lanes!!!!

    3. Solicitors who won't take no for an answer.

     I have many more but those are the ones irking me as of late!


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