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*mbgreenwalt* or other vets/vet techs

Our dog always gets allergies this time of the year.  Our vet had said to use Benadryl but this seems to be losing effectiveness.  I read online about giving dogs small doses of coconut oil to help with allergies or skin itchiness.  Do you know anything about this?  TIA

Re: *mbgreenwalt* or other vets/vet techs

  • Allergies are so bad right now for people and dogs.  We have had at least 3-5 appointments a day for allergy cases.  I have not heard about using coconut oil.  I would assume it could have similar benefits of fish oil for allergies.  It helps keep the skin and coat in good condition/moisturized and is a natural anti-inflammatory.  I'm not sure what a proper dose would be though.

    Benadryl is one of the weakest antihistamines that can be used for dogs.  There are alternative Rx antihistamines that work better (Hydroxyzine or Chlorpheniramine).  Depending on the severity of the allergies and the irritation to the skin antibiotics may be necessary to get any secondary infection under control.  Some dogs even need a steroid bump to get the allergies under control (those are usually severe cases).

    Oatmeal shampoo can help relieve some of the irritation and inflammation too.  Lather it on and let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then rinse.  Don't bathe too ofter though, it can dry out their coat.  If they are getting really greasy and yeasty you can bathe weekly, otherwise 1-2 times a month is good.

    Food can play a role too.  A lot of dogs have allergies to the corn, grain and chicken in food.  Some dogs benefit by switching to a food with a novel protein (rabbit, salmon, venison, bison).  A true food allergy trial would be to change over to the new food and then feed that exclusively for 6 weeks.  No treats, food scraps or other diets.  

    I hope this helps and that he feels better soon.  Let me know if you have any other questions.

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  • Thanks so much for all the advice!  That is really interesting that Bendadryl is the weakest as I might need to just try something different.  I did talk to our vet yesterday and she said all of the same things you did so I did try some coconut oil in a very small dose and will get another recommendation for a different medication.  Between Lucy itching and me sneezing, our household is an uncomfortable place right now!  :-)    Thanks again!
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