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rhonj - spoilers

I wish Teresa would leave Joe already. The end of this show was painful.

Love Albie and Chris. I'm glad there wasn't much Ashley in this episode...

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Re: rhonj - spoilers

  • Very painful. It's obvious he has a drinking problem. The whole doing a flip and busting his tooth was ridiculous. Poor Gia is so aware of what's really going on. It breaks my heart. 

  • image Erin2903:

    Very painful. It's obvious he has a drinking problem. The whole doing a flip and busting his tooth was ridiculous. Poor Gia is so aware of what's really going on. It breaks my heart. 

    This. And with the preview for next week when Gia talks about her mom and uncle. Poor kid. 

    So glad there wasn't much Ashley in this one. Love Chris and Albie! It was nice of Kathy and Richie to show up to Teresa's book signing. Hopefully they'll patch things up soon. She's starting to grow on me.

  • It's beyond obvious that the real issue between Teresa and her brother is HER husband, not Melissa.  Joe has become even more of a scum bag this year, and I didn't even think that was possible.  Teresa has her own issues, too, but her main problem is Juicy Joe.
  • As time goes on, I just dislike Teresa and her husband more and more. Teresa was so ungracious at Kathy's middle-eastern 'goddess' party. From Kathy's commentaries throughout the show, I sense that Kathy genuinely cares for Teresa. Kathy is actually starting to grow on me. I think her family is so lovely, her kids seem great, she seems cool herself, and laid back. Loved how she was cooking in slippers. Anyway, Teresa just seemed on edge the whole time at the party, ready to pounce. Even when Kathy was giving out the bracelets with a compliment for each woman, Teresa had such a face on and was trying her best to turn Kathy's compliment into an insult. Oh and the whole "We're starting a restaurant too" was ridiculous, way to try to upstage someone else. She's like a pouty 5 year old who is not happy unless it's ALWAYS about her.

    Speaking of 5 year olds, that Milania is such a BRAT. I couldn't believe the way she was acting in the supermarket, and the way Teresa was ALLOWING her to act. Oh and I loved the whole "we dont eat junk food" thing and "put back that tv dinner" comment, yet the cart was filled with stuff like Eggo's, Captain Crunch, etc. Oh and Teresa made a fool of herself once again with the whole "ingrediences" thing.

    Joe Giudice is a disgusting drunk. His text messages to Joe Gorga were so horrendous. He knows his wife is (somewhat) trying to make things good with her brother, and he goes and pulls that? I really felt like Joe/Melissa were trying to make the effort and support Teresa by coming to the book signing. They even thanked her for inviting them, came out in the snow, left their kids, etc. But yet according to Joe Gorga, it was all "for show." wtf. PLUS, I wanted to smack that befuddled look off Teresa's face when she was sticking up for her husband to her brother ("what? he wasnt threatening you."). What else do you call "if you show up, i'm going to break your jaw." ? Wake up Teresa, your husband is anasshole.

    And that whole scene with the gymnastic flip... ugh. Those poor children, that's all I have to say.

  • Teresa's Joe is a total a$$wipe. He doesn't want Teresa to make up with her brother because then he wouldn't have her all to himself. He likes not having anything to do with her family and what better way then to keep trouble brewing? She of course is so stupid and or scared to see the truth that she defends the lowlife bastard.




  • image Erin2903:

    Very painful. It's obvious he has a drinking problem. The whole doing a flip and busting his tooth was ridiculous. Poor Gia is so aware of what's really going on. It breaks my heart. 

    This.  It's hard to watch, she seems so sad all of time.  :(

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  • This was the first time I really didn't hate Joe and Melissa- I think they really want the best for their family and their kids and their neices- they want everyone to get along. Those texts were just insane from Joe Guidice- Teresa needs to put him in his place, what a jerk. He's the problem.

    If I were Joe Gorga getting texts like that from my brother in law I would have a wall up too. I also really liked that Kathy and her hubby went to the book signing- they are trying- Teresa needs to meet them halfway.

    I wish I could have been at that birthday party, it looked like fun! I love that Melissa can let loose with Caroline and Jacqueline, and they can be friends and keep the family stuff seperate.


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  • Juicy Joe needs rehab ASAP. I totally understand his DUI now. It is totally unaccetable to get drunk in front of your kids and guests, I did not like the way he was talking to Teresa at the end. And airing their dirty laundry by talking about the time they broke up and T coming back for him, was disgusting.

  • Whoever those people that were at their house when Teresa got home from the book signing looked really ackward when Joe started yelling at Teresa. It looked really uncomfortable. I am surprised that they didn't get up and excuse themselves and leave.

    Joe Gudice is a ugly and mean drunk. Those texts to Joe Gorga were totally uncalled for and just to keep the pot churned up and drama going.

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  • Joe Giudice is disgusting. I think the real problem here is that he is jealous of Teresa's brother and his success. Joe was successful at one time, but seems to have made some really bad business decisions. And started drinking heavily. It also doesn't seem like their spending habits have changed much. Like Teresa wearing that awful pink coat to Lauren's makeup launch? Ew.
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  • I couldnt believe he acted like that- then again i do! What an ass.... and how he chipped his tooth lol The end was painful..and next weeks episode looks sad too.
  • It was really sweet of Kathy and Rich to go to the book signing.

    Why did T tell Milania she was good at the grocery store after she spent the whole trip destroying everything in sight?

  • This was such an odd episode. The birthday party seemed very nice...I knew Rich was middle eastern but not that he was from Beirut.


    I don't get Teresa. If she really wanted to make up with her brother, she would tell him Joe Giudice was out of line and she hated that he felt that way. But no, she defends the drunken a$$hat. I think Juicy Joe has major depression issues.


    And at their "dinner party" I saw a few of the guests giggling over the drama between Teresa & Joe. 

  • The whole Theresa and her Husband thing is very disturbing.  Even before she left for the book signing he was yelling at her and telling her to shut up.  The end of the episode was very hard to watch.  I feel bad for the kids.
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